Electronic Music Travel Guides

tunes&wings creates Electronic Music Travel Guides for House and Techno Lovers worldwide. Get exclusive travel tips from local DJs for cities like Berlin, Amsterdam, Lisbon, Barcelona, Munich, Cape Town, Porto or NYC. The locations where they hang out every day, love to have a coffee or their favourite dining location and the unique spots they have discovered recently. Furthermore they reveal their favourite Techno Clubs and Electronic Music Festivals worldwide.

Tune in the conversations with DJ’s, producer, booker, promoter and nightlife people. We are talking about music and travel and gather interesting background information. As interview guests, tunes&wings already welcomed Peggy Gou, Bob Moses, Jan Blomqvist, Blond:ish, Be Svendsen, Oliver Koletzki, Mimi Love, Pan-Pot, Recondite, Konstantin Sibold, Cinthie, Madmotormiquel, DJ Alfredo, and many other artists. Electronic music travel guides with tips from local like-minded musicians and festival tips already exist from destinations like New York, Istanbul, Marrakech, Ibiza, Munich, Barcelona, Cape Town, Lisbon, Porto, Amsterdam, Skopje, and many other destinations. 


tunes&wings writes Electronic Music Travel Guides for Techno & House Lovers. It looks into the heart of the Electronic Music scene by traveling the world, meeting inspiring protagonists and following them into their world. In that way tunes&wings combines Electronic Music cene insights with exclusive Travel Guides– always with the passionate goal to connect Techno and House Lovers worldwide and creating them a home base full of inspiration, unity and vibrant experiences.

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