Interview w/ Worakls about touring with an Orchestra
Fresh Monday Tune: Denis Horvat, Jimi Jules & Trikk on Innervisions
Interview w/ Be Svendsen about immersive Live-Sets
DJ T. – Ready To Shine (Get Physical Music)
Interview w/ DJ T. about living his spiritual side
Fresh Monday Tune: Max Freegrant & Slow Fish – Lion In The Path (Freegrant Music)
Interview w/ Uli Hasselmann about Vertere & On Vacation
Fresh Monday Tune: Oliver Koletzki – Fire in the Jungle (Stil vor Talent)
Travel Beyond Your Destination – An Inner & Outer Journey Through The World Of Electronic Music
Fresh Monday Tune: KiNK – Home (Sofia Records)
Holistic T[rave]ls
Fresh Monday Tune: Santi – Alquimia Solar (Amselcom)
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