Mexico City Electronic Music Travel Guide by Lunakai

Mexico City Electronic Music Travel Guide by Lunakai

By Sabine Spethling

Lunakai a.k.a. Kyle Ross is a South London based musician and photographer. Influenced by his travels through Canada, Mexico, US and Europe, he crafts a cinematic sound on his latest release "CLOSER". Expanding his sonic horizons with influences from across the globe, Lunakai’s second full EP reveals a true craft for transcendent melody-driven soundscapes.

In this Mexico City Electronic Music Travel Guide, he shares his favourite spots.


Mexico City is the biggest city in North America, and it has everything to offer. From great food and drinks to incredible nightlife via amazing museums. Just wandering around the energetic bustling streets was one of my favorite things to do in the daytime.
Walking around Centro Historico, there are a lot of touristy things to do here, but it's also good once you wander off a bit. You can be on a street that's nothing but neon sign shops or a street that sells nothing but car stereos. There's a lot of energy and something around every corner. There are also a few nice hostels with rooftop bars here.
Salon Los Angeles - an incredible old dance hall that was built in 1937. This is a local spot most famous for the live orchestras. They play mostly salsa, cumbia, swing, and danzón. It's like something out of a film set and has a faded beauty and romance to it.
Mexico City has some of the best food to offer, but I still think the street food stands out. Don't skip getting small bites if you see anything that looks good while walking around.
A nearby trip to the city that's great for a day or two is a small town called Tepoztlán. It's super beautiful and peaceful. A great place I'd recommend to stay is with Marco at Hotel Teocalli.
I was in Mexico for two months and traveled around a lot. It's too much to put into a short guide, but if you are planning a trip, I really recommend these highlights:
Sótano de las Golondrinas - these huge caves full of swallows that fly out at sunrise, an amazing spectacle that will take you to an area that is off the backpacker trails.
Guanajuato - An amazing city that has a vibrant student life. Its history was a silver mining town, which gives it a really interesting topography, as it feels like it's built up of layers. The mining tunnels now make up a lot of the road system, so you can walk down a set of stairs and suddenly you're in these huge tunnels with lanes of traffic speeding through.
Patzcuaro & Janitzio - The small island in the middle of a lake, which is one of the most popular places to visit on the Day of the Dead festival and the town next to it, Patzcuaro. I actually went here at a time of year not connected to that, and it was absolutely beautiful and super quiet and peaceful. Again, this is quite off the tourist track (unless you go around Day of the Dead).
Head to San Cristobal De las Casas and Palenque; there are tons of amazing nature in this area to explore.
If you have planned your trip so that you fly out of Cancun, I highly recommend skipping all of that coastline and heading straight for Holbox; it's a beautiful island without so much of the tourist trash and pseudo-spiritual vibe.
Credit for all pictures by Lunakai
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