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Do you want to make the most of every minute of your travels? Are you keen to find electronic music hotspots and like-minded people, as well as amazing food and culture? I know how you feel! tunes&wings came to me while travelling in 2016. Through a shared love of electronic music, I'd connected with local DJs, artists and collectives, hoping to discover some hidden gems and personal favourites. As a result, I spent an entire week dancing in the most exciting clubs, eating delicious food and making friends I'm still in touch with today. I came home brimming with ideas and lasting memories. Since then, I've travelled to dozens of exciting cities - from New York to Bucharest, Istanbul to Amsterdam, and many more besides - interviewing local artists for tunes&wings. My goal? To share unique insider knowledge with other travellers and electronic music lovers. My team and I hope you have a fantastic time discovering new people, places and parties - and making your own lasting memories.

- Sabine, founder of tunes&wings -

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Insider tips within cities Sabine already lived in

    “Peggy Gou recommended The Juicery during our conversation for my podcast. Back home I figured out they are around the corner of my apartment back then. A must go-to place during every Berlin trip.”

    — Sabine about Berlin

    “My personal mission is to convince people that Munich is by far more than Oktoberfest, Dirndl, Lederhosen and beer. In fact it has a versatile subculture and has been one of the birthplaces for techno in Germany. So my tip is: start the evening in a bar and celebrate the night at Bahnwärter Thiel, BLITZ Music Club and Charlie Bar & Club.”

    — Sabine about Munich

    “Honestly, this city is evolving so fast, that my favourite locations almost change on a daily basis. But for sure an everlasting must-do adventure in Lisbon is to get lost in Alfama with its narrow streets, tiled facades, colourful clotheslines and the scent of freshly grilled sardines. A glass of natural wine at Comida Indepedente, Dahlia, Tati, Prado or Sem afterwards is then well deserved.”

    — Sabine about Lisbon
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    “After almost 15 years in Munich, there's nothing better on Sundays than strolling through the Pinakothek with friends, and in the summer a bottle of wine on the terrace at the Vorhoelzer Forum (now: Frau im Mond), just great. In terms of music, of course I miss the old "Registratur", but the BLITZ Music Club is always good anyway!”

    — Chris about Munich

    “What the Isar is for Munich, the Alster is for Hamburg, my favourite jogging route so far, it doesn't get much nicer than this. My three culinary favourites so far are Salt & Silver and Zum Spätzle, but the really cool thing is None Meat, the vegetarian kebab is so awesome! For after-work drinks and nightlife, I recommend the Black Forest Bar here in Eppendorf. The Birdland is absolutely cool, mega jazz concerts and if you want to party hard, head to Uebel & Gefährlich or Südpol.”

    — Chris about Hamburg

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