Los Angeles Electronic Music Travel Guide by TENDER

Los Angeles Electronic Music Travel Guide by TENDER

By Sabine Spethling


The rising indie electronic duo TENDER are made up of members Dan Cobb and James Cullen. The Brighton based producers reached nearly 75 million streams across platform and has specialised in walking the line between personal and the universal. The band spent some time in California while creating some videos and photos for the new single ‘daydreamers’ - a powerful and reflective love song.

In this Los Angeles Electronic Music Travel Guide, they share their favourite spots they found during their travels.

TENDER LA Travel Guide tunes&wings

We've made several trips to LA now for tours, writing trips, and vacations, or as we'd usually say in our ye olde British tongue, holidays. Yes, we're essentially tourists, but over time many of our friends have moved to the city, so we've been lucky enough to see at least a tiny bit more than the staples and tourist traps. That said, I don't mind queuing the length of the Lord of the Rings Trilogy for a Pink's Hot Dog named after Ozzy Osbourne. You can almost taste the fumes of Birmingham and a wing of bat as you tuck in.

The best Cafés in Los Angeles

For a morning hangover cure, I'd fully recommend Canyon Coffee in Echo Park. I had to bring their coffee beans back to the UK with me; it's extremely delicious. Look out for our talented friend and LANNDS singer, Rania, running the show. Just make sure you get there early enough to secure a table and buy a mug to take home with you.


For something a bit more filling, you want to head in the other direction to Dialog Cafe in West Hollywood, where you'll find healthy salads, smoothies, and juices. But forget about those because you'll want to get the breakfast burrito, which is outrageously good. This is a warm, family-run place with an exciting "we're among the stars" feel to it. Not in a snobby way, though. You won't feel like the great unwashed rocking up here, don't worry.


The best Restaurants in Los Angeles

Our number one spot and somewhere we go nearly every visit is Guisados. They sell the best tacos I've ever had, other than the time we visited Mexico City. You basically have to try as many as you can! They're really well-priced, and you won't be disappointed by any of them, meat-free options included. Pair them with their house Horchata and pretend it's the first place you heard of that wasn't from a Vampire Weekend song. Our favorite location is the one in Echo Park near Dodgers Stadium, where you're basically sitting in a car park with a Dodgers mural and a water feature. Honestly, I want to be there right now. If you're seeing a show at The Troubadour, you could always go to the Guisados a short walk from the venue, but it doesn't have the same charming atmosphere. 


On our last visit to LA, we were shooting some videos, again near Echo Park. Our producer and LA native took us and the crew to try a Los Angeles specialty, the French Dip Sandwich. There are a couple of great spots for this apparently, but he took us to Philippe The Original and we weren't disappointed. If you're wondering what the French Dip Sandwich is, it's similar to a Philly Cheesesteak, except the inside of the bread is dipped in a beef broth, so it soaks it up and adds more flavor alongside the fillings. This originated by mistake in 1908 after the owner, Philippe, accidentally dropped the bread into the broth while making one for a policeman who was rushed for time and said he'd just take it anyway. He loved it so much he came back later and demanded the bread be dipped, telling his friends about it too.

The best Bars & Pubs in Los Angeles

This part will be brief because there are so many places here that can make time fly and the night disappear in a flash. I guess what I'm trying to say is I don't always remember too much when we go to bars in LA. Among our favorite watering holes is Barney's Beanery in Hollywood, which isn't anything special or under the radar, but listen, there are beers, wings, and TVs showing sports. Have I almost described a Hooters?

LA Travel Guide by TENDER best bars LA Travel Guide by TENDER best bars

We're also big fans of La Poubelle Bistro & Bar, thanks to our friend Gianluca Buccellati, producer of our second record, 'Fear of Falling Asleep'. Then you've got to head over to finish up the night at The Red Lion Tavern in Silver Lake. I was hesitant when I heard the name, as there are a million Red Lion pubs in the UK; it's probably the most popular name for a pub over here. There's basically one in every town, and I can't think of a good one. However, THIS one is actually German-themed, and you're getting a completely different vibe! Steins of beer and Currywurst are the righteous offerings until the early hours. Then wait outside for the Uber taking stupid photos.

LA Travel Guide by TENDER best Bars

Maybe you can go back to Dialog Cafe for some sobering juices in the morning. See you there.



Credit for all pictures by TENDER

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