Berlin T[rave]l Guide

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Berlin T[rave]l Guide with the best and exclusive recommendations from local electronic music artists.

9 artists – 160 tips

✔️55 restaurants to suit all tastes

✔️23 bars & cafés to relax and refresh

✔️21 of the city's most buzzing clubs and events

✔️9 hotels, from the snug to the stunning

✔️5 activities for body, mind and soul

✔️27 breathtaking discoveries in and around the city

✔️21 stores & markets for unique local finds

Berlin with its cultural mix and the flair of freedom attracts hedonists from all over the world. A big playground for many different lifestyles and moods and thus a breeding ground for art.

Find out about the hidden gems of andhim, Britta Arnold, DJ T., Jan Blomqvist, madmotormiquel, Martha van Straaten, Oliver Koletzki, Pauli Pocket and Ruede Hagelstein. Each of them are iconic artists in the electronic music capital and presents their very own picture of Berlin: The locations where they hang out every day, love to have a coffee or their favourite dining location and the unique spots they have discovered recently. Just as diverse as the city itself.

This guide book gives locals and visitors the opportunity to get to know the city and its neighbourhood through the eyes of its artists, beyond typical touristic locations. Explore the city and create your own Berlin experience!


  • DIN A5 (14,8 x 21 cm)
  • 216 pages
  • 9 artists
  • 160 tips
  • 2-14 working days

2020 Edition

Curated locations in the categories Eat, Drink, Dance, Sleep, Experience, Discover, Shop

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