Ibiza Travel Guides

Electronic Music Travel Guides for the Balearic Island. Ibiza is the hotspot for Electronic Music Lovers during the summer. Only the best DJ’s of the world are playing here in Ibiza’s clubs.  We are taking a look behind the touristic scenes of the island and discover the authentic, original Balearic hippie island. Check out Ibiza’s best parties, the top ten restaurants, the secret beaches and get exclusive travel tips by Ibiza’s local DJs.

Electronic Music Guides Ibiza Podcasts and Articles

Check out our podcast interviews with Ibiza’s DJs, such as DJ Alfredo, DJ Pippi, Jaime Fiorito, Anna Tur or Valentin Huedo. Read the latest news and events of Ibiza’s techno clubs, electronic music festivals and the secret hot spots.

Interview w/ DJ Alfredo

The pioneer of the Balearic Beat Movement.

Ibiza's Secret Beaches

The best hidden treasures apart from the popular beach clubs.

Interview w/ DJ Pippi

About Ibiza and parties in the 80ies.

3 Days on Ibiza Guide

Must-visits during on a short trip to the Balearic island.

Interview w/ Valentin Huedo

WooMooN resident and Ibiza Sonica Radio host.

On the Trails of Ibiza Hippies - Travel Guide

(Re-)discover the magic of the hippie-island.

Interview w/ Anna Tur

Ibiza Global Radio host and born & bread Ibizan.

Tips by Ida Engberg, Sven Väth & more

Special IMS 2019 edition w/ tips by local DJs.

Interview w/ Jaime Fiorito

About Rituals and Tribes on Ibiza.

Interview w/ Magdalena

DJ and host of the event Shadows on Ibiza.

Interview w/ Blond:ish

About sustainability and her favourite spots on Ibiza.

Ibiza Secret Tips Travel Guide

Hippie markets, mystical sunsets & more.

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