3 Days on Ibiza Electronic Music Travel Guide

3 Days on Ibiza Electronic Music Travel Guide

By Sabine Spethling


Ibiza is the ultimate destination for all techno & travel lovers: Fantastic tunes, parties, amazing restaurant concepts with high quality food, beautiful nature and landscape and pure hippie feeling. This travel guide does not only give you an overview of what to do during a short trip, but also reveals a brand new restaurant that just opened in May 2018.

Every year tunes&wings travels to the magical island of Ibiza to check out the latest exclusive spots and to portray the authentic and native lifestyle of this island, which is also home of electronic music. More tips and insights into the local scene can be found in the Ibiza Travel Guides 2016 and 2017 and in interviews with local DJs.

Also get interesting insights into the local music scene with it’s balearic sound within the interview with the islands legend DJ Pippi.


Aguas Blancas is one of the favourite beaches of the Ibicencos. Located near Santa Eulalia, it’s the perfect hide away from the parties in Ibiza Town. Park your car on the cliffs and walk the way down to the beach (max. 5 minutes). The most beautiful part of the beach is on your right. There you’ll also find a small but fine snack bar called Chiringuito, offering tasty sandwiches and coffee.

You have time to visit more than only one beach? Check out the article about the magnificent beaches on Ibiza with the most beautiful and lonely beaches.

Ibiza – Food Heaven on Earth

The island has countless super tasty and innovative restaurant concepts. From what tunes&wings was able to discover so far, this destination has the best and most authentic food spots around the globe. From the interior, to the service and the high quality: Everything is made with passion. More restaurants and food places are listed in the travel guides of 2016 and 2017.

This year the island has born another fantastic restaurant, the Finca La Plaza in Santa Gertrudis. It opened in May 2018 and is run by a Portuguese lady and belongs to the BEACHOUSE concept. The charcoal oven gives the dishes a special and unique taste and the potatoes might be the best you ever had.

Ca’n Pilot is not new to the food scene on Ibiza, but a must-visit spot for all meat lovers. An evening there is a real experience as you are able to grill the meat directly on your table. It’s so tender that side dishes get obviate. Many artist dinners are held there, so look out for people that you might know from behind the DJ booth.

Musset is known for tasty food and for their famous floor which looks like the seabed. Smoothies, vegan cakes, avocado bread, acai bowl: Musset is one of the top breakfast addresses on Ibiza. It’s located in Santa Gertrudis, a beautiful small village in the middle of the island. After enjoying your breakfast there, tunes&wings recommends a walk through the small streets with it’s hidden treasures such as small shops and the chapel.

Wild Beets – the raw, vegan and plant-based food place is also located in Santa Gertrudis. Hint for all the digital nomads out there: Next to the delicious food, plugs and WIFI is available, so feel free take your laptop with you, also many locals are working from there.

Marc’s is admittedly a more posh space in Ibiza town. Nevertheless, the lunch menue is an argument that cannot be denied. 17,50 € for three courses of good quality food such as salmon as a starter, a nice pasta as a main course and different dessert options.

Island of Sounds

An alternative to the more commercial parties in and around Ibiza Town offers the WooMooN event series in Cova Santa. Every Sunday the location turns into a hippie place with imense attention to detail in terms of decoration and production. Not only great electronic music with many DJ live sets, but also artistic shows, a community feeling, street food and a market place. Since the last party tunes&wings attended in September 2016, the event series grew a lot and got quite popular. The WooMooN organizers even hosted an OFF-Sónar party at Poble Espanyol this year and started the Papaya Playa Project in Tulum. The other side of the medal is, that the party on Ibiza unfortunately got quite packed, so make sure to come early. Find out more about the concept in the interview tunes&wings did with WooMooN resident Valentin Huedo.

Cool Travel Buddy

A very cool and practical item that tunes&wings discovered on travels recently, are the FLSK bottles. No matter if you want to keep your drinks cold or warm – the bottles enable you to enjoy your cool drink for 24 h in a refreshing temperature. Or the coffee to go hot for 18 hours. The ‚coolness-factor‘ is extremely nice when you are at the beach and it avoids plastic waste, that’s why the FLSK bottles are the new travel buddy of tunes&wings. Cheers to ice cold and refreshing drinks!

You have the chance to win a bottle in silver or black. Visit the facebook page of tunes&wings for more information. Here you can find the conditions of participation. Beginning of the participation is June 19 2018 at 6:00 pm (CET) and end of the participation is June 21 2018 at 06:00 pm.

You have the chance to win a 500 ml bottle in black or silver on the tunes&wings facebook page. If you want another color, e.g. the beautiful one in rosé, check out this link.


In friendly collaboration with FLSK.



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