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The guest author of this article is a very special one: Brazil-born artist Wehbba, who recently released on Drumcode, is a frequent traveller and a huge coffee lover. During his travels around the globe he’s always in search of the best coffee spots. In this feature we proudly present: The world’s best coffee cities – and where to drink it – according to Wehbba.


Wehbba & Fur Coat at Truth Coffee Roasting, South Africa


One tip before you start reading: The track that inspired Wehbba to write this article was ‘Third Wave’. Click here and listen to it while reading his feature. It features in his new EP ‘We Have Bass’ out now on Drumcode.


That’s the city where I discovered the whole specialty coffee scene, and fell in love with the coffee culture. You can find specialty coffee even at street carts around CBD, and most local roasters stem from the third wave movement. The quality is insane everywhere.


Market Lane Coffee, Melbourne by Kristoffer Paulsen


A few of my favourite roasters and shops are:

  • St. Ali Coffee in South Melbourne, a funky kind of warehouse with a full range of coffee drinks and some real good food offerings too, a good place to chill off the beaten path. 
  • Dukes: this little shop in the CBD is one of the most successful roasters in the city, and for a reason, their coffee is next level. A good place for a quick fix while on the go. 
  • Proud Mary: Great roaster just off Fitzroy, that serves perfectly crafted espressos and filtered coffee, a cool spot for having a good brunch. I loved their avo-kimchi toast and the hot cake too. 
  • Market Lane Coffee: I’ve only ever been to the one at the Prahran Market, and it’s always on point. Great, fast service, nice minimal interior and if you’re lucky you can find a food truck just outside while you enjoy your coffee. 
  • Seven Seeds: I came across the coffee from them in a few places around town, but never made it to their actual shop, but it’s definitely one of the best roasters in town. If you’re in the CBD area, there’s a really cool spot called Brother Baba Budan where you can find their coffee and some good pastries to go with it. 


I’ve been living in Barcelona for about 3 years now, and there’s a whole lot going on in the specialty coffee scene over here. Lots of new places popping up regularly, lots of old places starting to serve specialty coffee, and some great local roasters are starting to get recognised abroad.


Syra, Barcelona


Here are my favourites:

  • SlowMov: I’ve recently moved to Gràcia, and SlowMov is one of the first and most prominent roasters in this area. The shop is really minimal and cozy, they roast in-house and also offer regular courses. 
  • Nømad: That’s the one you hear the most about outside of Barcelona, they have their own very particular style when it comes to their beans, both shops in town are really cool spots that focus on the coffee, but also offer some fresh pastries. 
  • Syra: My go-to spot, just around the corner from where I live, very good roasters, super cool little shop with great service, perfect for a quick fix and to find some nice pastries from bakeries from the neighbourhood. 
  • Hidden Cafe: You can find them a bit further away from the centre, it’s a great shop with nice food, great service and they also have some good tea offerings. 
  • Satan’s Coffee Corner and Manso’s Cafe:two of my favourite spots in town for brunch/snack/coffee, they’re not roasters, but you can find offerings from some local ones like Right Side Coffee, Cafe De Finca or Animal Cafe. 

Find more spots in Barcelona within the tunes&wings t[rave]l Guide 2018.


Nømad, Barcelona


I love going to Berlin, there’s always lots of things to explore, and it’s a perfect destination for some of my favourite activities, like music or studio equipment shopping and drinking coffee.


Nano, Berlin


I’m not sure how long the speciality coffee scene has been going on, but here are my favourites:

  • Bonanza:The ominous space where they also roast their coffee is hidden in a cozy back alley of a building in Kreuzberg, and their bean selection and origin partnerships are spotless. They have a great tasting experience for filter coffee. 
  • Five Elephant: My favourite roaster in Berlin, their shop in Mitte is really nice and they have some really cool Modbar taps for their espressos, while their pastries are also a great add-on. 
  • Nano Kaffee: Great shop in Kreuzberg, their coffee offerings are always on point and it’s a nice place to hang out while having a great espresso. 
  • Chapter One: A nice little shop off the beaten path close to Marheineke Markthalle. 
Nano, Berlin


The best of the rest…

Sao Paulo

Although I was born in Sao Paulo and have spent most of my life down there, when I got into specialty coffee I had already moved out, and it seems it was right around the same time the scene started to develop over there, even though Brazil is one of the most important specialty coffee origins in the world. There’s a vibrant scene in active development right now, I recommend you check out the following:


Paris is one of my favourite places, I try to go whenever I have a chance, and although there seems to be a rather small coffee scene in the city, there are still some amazing roasters and coffee spots. Here are my favourites:


What are your favourite global coffee spots? Join us in the closed community for techno&travel lovers worldwide and share your thoughts with likeminded people.



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