A Time Out of Berlin’s Nightlife

A Time Out of Berlin’s Nightlife

By Sabine Spethling


We all like raves and we all like to party. Like with everything in life it’s important to keep the balance, though. Healthy living becomes more and more important in club culture. The quiet hideaway Warnemünde at the Baltic Sea is only three hours from the techno capital Berlin and a great location to slow down. There is literally nothing that could distract you from doing nothing but relaxing and listening to the sound of the waves instead of sound waves at the club.

Transparency: in friendly cooperation with DOCK-INN.


Many artists and music lovers realised that it’s not only about raving for nights and consuming alcohol and other drugs, but looking at music as a kind of spiritual journey that also embraces wellness and relaxation. Recent examples of artists have shown the importance of listening to your inner voice and step away from the ‘Fear Of Missing Out’. To be honest: There will be a million club nights where your favourite DJ is playing in Berlin again.

A great spot near the German capital that has absolutely nothing to do with techno music is Warnemünde. It has only about 6,000 inhabitants and is basically a harbour and fisherman place. The spa town has 150 m of sandy beach and ‘attractions’ like a lighthouse, fish sandwiches and cruise ships, so nothing that could mislead you to rave.

One highlight in Warnemünde is for sure the DOCK-INN Hotel and Hostel. It got countless rewards and media reviews. One of them is the German Touristic Award 2017 and Lonely Planet named it ‘Germany’s coolest hostel ever’.

Warnemünde shipyard harbour quay – worn by the times, by the boxes carried across it, and the launching champagne shed on it. These days, unlimited freedom piles up there in steel boxes. This is where no ship has been welded together but joint experience has been created. The DOCK INN Warnemünde is the gathering place for the adventures of the oceans and the attitude to life shared by globetrotters, surfers, style enthusiasts, and adventurous families.

Next to a relaxing sleep over in containers, DOCK-INN rounds out the experience with its common places: A cinema, a boulder hall and even a vinyl bar enrich the hotel at the dockyard. During summertime countless sports activities like SUP, Yoga and Kitesurfing are waiting for you at the beach.

The best food-spots in Warnemünde are of course the fish sandwiches along the ‘Alter Strom’, where you can buy fish as fresh as it can be, caught in the morning in the Baltic Sea. Tipp: Walk along all the fish stalls to the very end of the riverside and get your mackerel, herring or eel at ‘Pinnow’, currently the best one.

The recommendation for a nice dinner spot at the Nordic place is Zum Stromer. The dark and heavy interior is accentuated by the cozy fireplace and the salient paintings of a local artist. The fish-based menu can be described as “a fresh, creative, seasonal cuisine of regional products and high organic share with weekly changing menus”.

What are your favourite spots at the Baltic Sea? Join us in the closed community for techno&travel lovers worldwide and share your thoughts with likeminded people.



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