New York City Electronic Music Travel Guide Patricia Baloge

New York City Electronic Music Travel Guide Patricia Baloge

By Sabine Spethling


Patricia Baloge is a New York-based singer, producer and DJ that is destined to shake up the house music scene. From her Ghanaian roots to her homes in the South of France and New York, Patricia channels her eclectic upbringing into every ounce of her craft. Multi-talented and ferociously determined, Patricia’s sound is a modern meet between rhythmic Afro House and Deep Tech, resulting in a seductive blend that is laced with her own hypnotic vocals. Embarking on a new chapter in her musical journey, Patricia Baloge just released her debut EP, ‘Womb’. Spreading a message of women’s empowerment, as well as inner emancipation, the three-track extended play beckons listeners into a deep and groovy soundscape.
In this New York City Electronic Music Travel Guide Patricia Baloge, she reveals her favourite spots for you.



A few years ago I chose to move to New York. I fell in love with how unique and cosmopolitan this place is. Even after living here for several years the forever-changing nature of the city still makes it feel brand new to me. Here are a few spots in the city I like to frequent. 


The best Matcha in Town at Cha Cha Matcha in Nolita


I said it! Cha Cha Matcha has the best Matcha in town. The place has such a cute and colorful vibe to it and they serve a nice variety of very unique matcha drinks. My personal favorite is the Purple Drink. Made with CBD, Lavender and Macadamia milk, it’s such a delight. A must-try!


A Fusion of Japanese and Italian Cuisine at KIMIKA in Nolita


Kimika is a great spot that offers a very unique culinary experience. With the food bursting with flavors, they serve a combination of Japanese and Italian cuisine that has personally left me coming back for more. 


Jamaica in the Middle of Soho at Miss Lily’s 


Miss Lily’s feels like a piece of Jamaica in New York City. Whether it’s for brunch, dinner, or late nights, they got you covered with delicious and authentic Jamaican food. 


French Flavours at I Love Buvette in West Village

picture by Patricia Baloge


“I love Buvette” is a cozy French spot in the West Village that offers small, breakfast, lunch and a dinner menu of small plates. The portions are small but the quality and taste is so good. They also have one of the best Sunday brunches. I personally love their Coq au Vin for dinner.


Dancing to House & Techno Music at Bossa Nova Civic Club in Brooklyn


If you happen to be in Brooklyn, Bossa Nova is a great place for techno and house music. Don’t be phased out by how small the place is because the music is just incredible. It’s also open all week long for those looking to dance on a Tuesday night. 


Experience Art and Music at House Of Yes! in Brooklyn

picture by Sabine Spethling


This place is excellent. It has fabulous music with great DJs, fabulous people, and it has this quirky and fun vibe. It’s just perfect for a great night out or a festive afternoon.  


Credit Press Pictures: Choe Singer

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