London Electronic Music Guide by Issermann

London Electronic Music Guide by Issermann

By Sabine Spethling


Issermann is a London-based creative that plays in the space between alt-pop and alt-emo. Having originally grown into his voice as a metal singer, Issermann quickly built an impressive ability for powerful expression with his hard-hitting vocals. This artist has been working towards this album drop since his debut in early 2020. The Demons body of work compacts personal, explorative lyrics into zesty, rock 2.0. In this London Electronic Music Travel Guide he reveals his favourite food and drink spots for you.


I always call London my “spirit totem city”, I am such a London stan and it’s literally my favourite place on earth. I moved here about 13 years ago now and I only grew more and more fond of it as time went. It’s not for everyone and many of my friends have come and gone since then but for me it’s simply “home”. This year has not let us enjoy London as much but with the restrictions slowly relaxing, we can start looking towards enjoying some of what the city has to offer. Everyone should remain super careful, please mask up and go get your vaccine as soon as you can. Because a lot of the music scene is still on hiatus for a while, I am focusing here on food and drinks mostly.

Where to get the best Coffee in South East London

I want to start with one of the best place to get coffee in South East. There are a lot of names every one knows that have been around for a long time but Lomond in Deptford Market Yard is like a secret gem, one of those place someone needs to tell you about. They are actually a roastery that make the beans for a lot of the other best places around. I also recommend the artisan bread and the vegan sausage roll which are both amazing. The business is owned by the fantastic Linzee but If you go there on the weekend you will probably see Jack behind the counter. He always likes to chat with regulars, tell him I sent you there. Finally, don’t hesitate to buy their ground coffee to go if you want to brew at home.


Issermann’s former workplace: Peddler

Just a stone throw away in Peckham is Peddler. You can go there for a fantastic brunch but their dining menu is also to die for. They serve a combination of small plates to share, not quite like Tapas but you should order at least a couple of dishes and try different things. You will need to make a reservation in advance but it is really worth it. The owner’s partner also owns Little Bird Gin and therefore, they have an amazing range of cocktails to choose from. I personally recommend their Gin Bloody Mary, dangerous but super tasty. Two fun facts; I used to work there. It was my last bar/restaurant job before being able to live from making music. So this place will always have a special place in my heart. Second, last time I ate there, I was sitting next to Jude Law so you never know who you are going to see.


Exhibitions, Movies & fascinating Architecture at Barbican Art Center

Let’s look at some day activities now. I simply love the Barbican art center for so many reasons. First of all, the place in itself is so unique. Just walking around or sitting outside next to the fountains is really nice. The brutalist architecture is really interesting and I have done a lot of photo and video projects there. Music videos, Album cover, look books, etc. All my creative friends and myself keep going back there. I am waiting for the lock down to end and I have something I would like to shoot there for myself. But most importantly, you should check the great exhibitions and the fantastic cinema they have there. Be sure to look up online what is happening when it reopens. They tend to always have a great selection of films and exhibitions.


Drinks and Burgers at The Doodle Bar

Enough culture, let’s go drinking. Another place where I’ve done a lot of visual projects is The Doodle bar near London Bridge. They have such a great space. Situated in those big arches under the old rail lines, The doodle Bar is a beautiful open space with a very high ceiling. It’s all bricks and has such a great  visual identity to it. The back area also has a blackboard at least 20 ft long where people can draw and write things, it’s always good fun. Special note for the burgers that are actually really good. Another very unique place that I recommend to visit whenever it opens back again.


Amazing Cheese & Wine Selection at Gordon’s Wine Bar

This one is a classic but I actually really want to go there when things reopen. Gordon Wine’s Bar is sort of cellar space with a great big outdoor area just in between Charing Cross and Embankment station. I am going to play the French card here and tell you that the cheese and wine selection is actually really good. Most importantly, the prices are actually really decent. You would expect somewhere like this to overcharge but they actually keep it really simple and you can find some really good affordable wine if you know what to look for. Although, I don’t even remember what a date is at that point, I have the vague memory that this place is pretty good for one. You get your bottle at the bar inside and grab some glasses yourself, go seat outside, it’s all very casual and you can talk easily; great atmosphere overall.


The hidden Hot-Pot gem: Haidilao

Let’s finish in style with a place I think you might have never heard of. Haidilao is an amazing place in Piccadilly Circus to go for Chinese Hot-Pot. If you are not familiar, Chinese hot pot is one of the most traditional and popular meals in China. The concept is very simple: a simmering metal pot with broth boils at the center of a table and people can add and cook all the raw ingredients they like in the broth. It is super fun to have with a group of friends and it is simply delicious. If you have never been before you will have to ask the staff for advice but they are always happy to help. I recommend to have the fresh noodles which are made and stretch at table side and it looks like noodle Juggling. Also you should split the hot pot in two sections; one mild and one spicy. It’s the best way to go, trust me. Oh, and did I tell you that your waiter is a robot?! They have those little things bringing you trays it’s so fun. Don’t forget to book in advance for that one as well.


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All images were provided by the artist. Cover picture by Samuel Regan-Asante.

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