Washington DC Electronic Music Travel Guide by Bonsai (Tim Glusko)

Washington DC Electronic Music Travel Guide by Bonsai (Tim Glusko)

By Sabine Spethling


Bonsai is an American DJ/production duo consisting of Ryan Hubert and Tim Glusko. Originally from opposite coasts, the two eventually met one another in San Diego and enmeshed their lived experiences in dance music. Bonsai currently gears up for the release of epic three-track EP, ‘Rule of Two’ on Steyoyoke Recordings. With a commanding style that doesn’t adhere to confines of any one genre, Bonsai’s addicting blend of dance music primes the duo for a sharp trajectory in the electronic music realm. Within this Washington DC Food Guide by Bonsai, Tim Glusko will present his most favourite spots in the city.


I’m Tim Glusko the other half of Bonsai! I’ve lived in Washington, DC for over five years, and am always amazed by things that I haven’t yet discovered. It is such a fascinating city and always so much going on. It’s a great place to be if you like to be busy and much to do here in terms of outdoors, cultural activities, restaurants, nightlife, road trips, fascinating people from all over the world. Below I chose some of my favorite’s food places in Washington DC you that you absolutely have to try if you ever make it to the nations capital.

Tim Glusko’s favourite Mexican food in DC: El Sol

If you’re looking for authentic Mexican food in D.C., with traditional Mexican decor and spicy street food dishes, El Sol is your place to be. It offers a variety of huaraches (Mexican flatbreads) which consists of beans, fresh cheese, cactus, sour cream and lettuce.


Washington DC’s best pizza in town at All Purpose

If you’re in the mood for authentic Italian food with a DC touch, you can’t go wrong with All-Purpose. The pizza here passes through a three-day fermentation process that gives it a unique and tasty flavor and locals rave about its magical crust, which has just the right combination of crunchy and chewy texture.


American craft beer and laid-back atmosphere at Boundary Stone

If you’re looking for a more laid-back atmosphere with a neighborhood pub vibe, Boundary Stone is a perfect choice. The restaurant boasts a large selection of local and craft beer on tap. Furthermore it has a menu that serves classic bar fare with an eclectic twist, such as a falafel burger and honey hot chicken sandwich, Boundary Stone is a popular hangout.

Tim Glusko’s favourite Diner in Washington: Good Stuff Eatery

Good Stuff is a family-friendly venue with upscale diner-style food. It is the perfect place to go with plenty of unique, gourmet burger options, hand-spun milkshakes, and snack fries.


The best Speakeasy spot in Washington: Jack Rose Dining Saloon

Known for being the best whiskey bar in the city, their dining options serve dishes such as pickled hush puppies, braised pork belly, and Kentucky butter cake. Jack Rose also serves Tiki drinks on a rooftop bar and its famous whiskey in either the cool speakeasy in the basement or the lively main level.


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Location pictures by Tim Glusko

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