Festival Tips w/ Desperados: #8 Where to Rave during Winter

Festival Tips w/ Desperados: #8 Where to Rave during Winter

By Sabine Spethling


Desperados and tunes&wings teamed up to present you their festival tips 2018. Biweekly articles guide you through the summer months and to a fantastic festival season. Camping hacks, rave outfits, sustainability, how to keep your drinks cool and much more. Cheers to a fantastic festival summer!

Summer festival season in Europe is almost over. The last festivals in warm regions are rare in October. But the good news is: There are great festivals and techno scenes outside of Europe! This article gives you an idea where to travel for holidays including festivals or raves. Some nice techno scenes and festivals are listed in the festival and travel bucket list 2018 that got released beginning of this year. So before you plan your next holiday, you might want to consider one of the following destinations.

Australia & New Zealand

A versatile landscape and beautiful nature reaching from tropical forests, sandy beaches with big waves to desert-like areas. Many young people are traveling to these countries for work and travel or to go backpacking. That’s what event and festival organisers realised a few years ago, too. So more and more happenings are rising there and take place in front of a beautiful scenery. You might want to combine your next backpack  trip with one of the countless festivals of New Zealand and Australia.


Slowly but constantly growing are electronic music festivals in Indonesia, especially Bali. The festival scene is one of the most buzzing in this region, summoning thousands of music and party lovers every year. In the festival and travel bucket list which was mentioned above, you’ll find some festivals with a holistic background for body, mind and soul, taking place in Indonesia.

South America

While the party scene in Tulum, Mexico could be entitled as quite commercial, there are smaller beautiful up and rising festivals in Costa Rica. Embedded in the beautiful scenery of the rain forest and next to the ocean, ravers can dive deep into a world out of time for days. Check the linked list above for a very special and also holistic festival on the South American continent.

South Africa

Lush gardens, mountains and wine yards as well as the rough sea side is what makes South Africa, especially Cape Town unique. Every week new up and rising artists are popping out of this beautiful area. tunes&wings travelled to Cape Town in 2016 and wrote a travel guide for techno lovers about this breathtaking area. Click here to find out more about Cape Town and the festivals taking place there.

Marrakech, Morocco

The red city Marrakech does not only belong to the UNESCO world heritages, but also has an aspiring techno scene. Travelling to the Moroccan city means diving into a comprehensive culture with fantastic food, sights and electronic music events. Find out which festivals and event take place there by clicking here.

Tel Aviv, Israel

Israels underground scene is still booming. The ‚White City’ is located at the sea and due to nice weather conditions and a nice bar scene very popular among young people. ‚The Block’ might be the most famous techno club in Tel Aviv. Their sound system was named one of the five best sound systems in the world. Although more famous festivals like DGTL and Innervisions discovered this destination already, it still has its own underground culture. Tel Aviv is claimed to be the city for creatives and still has an area of tension between culture and history.

Beirut, Lebanon

Still a bit more underground than Tel Aviv, the Lebnese city is discovering its techno music spring with a new up and rising culture. Every now and then you now hear great artists traveling to this city and the best thing: There are still many open spaces for raves.

You’ve got additional tips? Join us in the closed community for techno&travel lovers worldwide and share your ideas with likeminded people.

Cover Picture by Brittany NO FOMO.

This article was created in friendly cooperation with Desperados.


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