Festival & Travel Bucket List 2018

Festival & Travel Bucket List 2018

By Sabine Spethling


2018 is waiting for us with stunning travel destinations and festivals for techno lovers. In line with tunes&wings vision, which is connecting techno lovers worldwide and creating them a home base full of inspiration, unity and vibrant experiences, I gathered a nice selection of fantastic happenings and beautiful travel destinations for you. 

Besides the popular festivals around the world, this article and podcast episode focuses on a selection of the more holistic festivals for body, mind and soul and new up and rising travel destinations around the globe. Festivals that are not only about the names on the line-up, but about the passion for music and community, combined with arts and a cultural programme. All pictures are by Brittany NO FOMO who’s a great music journalist and photographer. Thank you for the great footage of the Envision Festival! Also check out her website.





Rainbow Serpent Festival Australia
26-29 January 2018
Rainbow Serpent Festival has been an unmissable fixture on Australia’s annual festival calendar for over 20 years. A celebration of community, unity and diversity. The Village offers the Rainbow community a space to find connection with one another through an informative and inspiring program of workshops, speakers, cinema, aboriginal culture, visionary art, permaculture education, massage and healing, kids activities, plus so much more. The line-up offers international and national artists like Robert Babicz, Patrice Bäumel, Gabriel Ananda, Solee, Earthling, Shlømo, Tara Brooks and many more.


Envision Festival, Costa Rica
22-26 February, 2018
It’s a festival dedicated to awakening our human potential. The 8 pillars of envision are music, movement, art, spirituality, bio-construction, health, community and permaculture. My NYC crew around the ebb+flow people will have a showcase there as well. I would be more than excited to join them. Among many others, on this year’s line up: Monolink, DJ Tennis, Tara Brooks, Xavier Rudd, Bob Moses and Be Svendsen.


Air Festival, Indonesia
30 March – 1 April 2018
In their fourth year they are embodying their vision of unity, sustainability, sacredness and epic good times even more strongly. The Air Festival has established itself as one of the foremost gatherings of visionaries, musicians, artists and dancers in the region. It’s two stages merge underground dance music culture with ceremony and sacredness, creating an unforgettable three-day experience in which friendships are forged, hearts are opened and life is affirmed. Line-up: Fred P, Rampa, Makam, Boris Werner, ATA, Art Alfie, Mimi Love, KMLN, Bas Ibellini, Peak & Swift, Jonathan Kusuma, Esther Silex, Dave Dinger, Walker Barnard, Tiago Oudman, Sylvie Forêt, Dr. Kessler, Ricardo Who?, Archie, Trigan young, Dr. Yez, Kai


Lisboa Dance Festival, Portugal
9-10 March, 2018
Lisboa Electronica, Portugal
4-7 April 2018
Taking place at Village Underground Lisboa. Click on my Lisbon article and interview with Rui Vargas to find out more about those festivals.


Desert Hearts Festival, USA
27-30 April, 2018
It’s the festival of Desert Hearts Records and about infinite love and nonstop beats, as they claim it, taking place in an Indian reservation.


AfrikaBurn, South Africa
23-29 April 2018
AfrikaBurn is a community of participants who come together to create art, burning structures, costume, performance, theme camps, music, mutant vehicles and much more. All of this is created through the volunteer culture of the citizens of Tankwa Town in the Karoo once a year.


Noisily Festival, UK
5-8 July 2018
Offering an alternative to mainstream festival culture, an inclusive haven where underground music thrives and self expression flourishes. Whilst rooted in the electronic music scenes, Noisily is a holistic environment which feeds the mind, body and soul. It’s a celebration of psychedelic culture in a society which is increasingly looking within for happiness and fulfilment, and away from material goods and money as the definition of success. The equilibrium between music, art, performance, holistic, healing, knowledge, self awareness, relaxation, love, laughter, and a really, really great party, is struck as a result of the relationships in the Noisily Family. Line Up: Oliver Koletzki, Perfect Stranger, Stanton Warriors, Black Sun Empire, Avalon and many more.


Feel Festival, Germany
5-9 July 2018
Music, workshops and many differenct collectives are working on this happening. The 20 stages are displaying the Berlin Club Culture. Among others, the line-up last year included &Me, Adana Twins, Âme, Animal Trainer, David Keno, Einmusik, Fjaak, Konstantin Sibold, Monkey Safari, Monolink, Niconé, Oliver Koletzki, Rampa, Sasse and Tender Games.


Elements Music & Arts Festival, USA
12-13 August 2018
Elements Lakewood Camping Festival, USA
25-27 May 2018
Living for unique music experiences, they combine music & stages, arts & experience, health & wellness. Located in a secret industrial waterfront location, it features 5 stages (earth, air, water, fire, 5th element) interactive and large-scale themed art installations, circus performances and many more.


Garbicz Festival, Poland
2-5 August 2018
Garbicz is a tiny village in Poland that is not much more than a couple houses really. Only a short drive from Berlin it lies nestled next to a beautiful little lake and a natural reserve. For the last four years however it has been the site of a festival that aimed to head in a different direction than the vastly growing and heavily commercialized music festivals that were taking place all over Germany and Europe. Brought to life by Berlin collective Bachstelzen and the people behind Kater Blau (former Bar25), Garbicz Festival, which is officially called Hainweh, started out as a weekend getaway for friends and family rather. Click here for the tunes&wings festival article.


Burning Man, USA
27 August – 3 September 2018
A city in the desert. A culture of possibility. A network of dreamers and doers. I think there is nothing more to add. We are all aware of the great happening called Burning Man.


Atlas Electronic Music, Arts & Culture Festival, Morocco
30 August – 2 September 2018
This year Atlas Electronic will return to its spiritual home, the intimate and idyllic ecolodge Villa Janna, at the foot of the Atlas mountain range in Marrakech. The third edition promises another kaleidoscopic mix of African and Western dance music, shared experiences and unique projects exclusive to Atlas Electronic, plus an expansive new arts and cultural program. Authentic exchanges, between people and cultures, is what they are all about. Various underground electronic sounds, borderless cross-over acts, exclusive artistic collaborations, inspirational cultural encounters, and a nomadic luxury On-site Desert Camping. Line-Up: John Talabot, Call Super, Mim Suleiman & Esa, Ninos Du Brasil, Nyege Nyege Tapes


Castello Festival, Poland & Germany
1-4 June 2018, Poland http://www.castello-festival.pl
7-10 September 2018, Germany http://www.castello-festival.de
Castello is a really unique concept of electronic music festival. The community is invited to a magical place. The familiar atmosphere is based on the mood and attitude guests bring to the festival. A very intimate atmosphere where pictures are not allowed. Castello’s priority is not just to offer its guests an emotional holiday guided by relax and entertainment, it also cares about welcome its customers in an organized structure with total respect of nature and the castle. On last years line-up: Gerd Janson, Baal, Innellea,

Travel destinations for techno lovers

Tulum, Mexico

Tulum turns out as the new hotspot for bohemian electronic music lovers and spirtitual souls. Two of the most popular and beautiful locations are Nomade Tulum and the Papaya Playa Project. My favorite festival organizers from Ibiza, the Woomoon crew, just started a new event series there, called Storytellers. Storytellers creates immersive experiences through art and music. A party odissey from sunset to sunrise where you are the main character.


Tel Aviv, Israel

Israels underground scene is still booming. The ‚White City’ is located at the sea and due to nice weather conditions and a nice bar scene very popular among young people. ‚The Block’ might be the most famous techno club in Tel Aviv. Their sound system was named one of the five best sound systems in the world. Although more famous festivals like DGTL and Innervisions discovered this destination already, it still has its own underground culture. Tel Aviv is claimed to be the city for creatives and still has an area of tension between culture and history.


Beirut, Lebanon

Still a bit more underground than Tel Aviv, the Lebnese city is discovering its techno music spring with a new up and rising culture. For example Einmusika Records just had a showcase at a nice rooftop location called Skin City there last summer. Every now and then you now hear great artists traveling to this city and the best thing: There are still many open spaces for raves.


Let’s rave into 2018 and experience many great spiritual happenings together. Let’s exchange ideas and experiences and find other like-minded people around the globe in the closed tunes&wings facebook community where we are already more than 250 techno&travel lovers from more than 70 countries. You also have festivals and travel destinations in mind for 2018? Let us know yours and join us there!


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