Festival Tips w/ Desperados: #6 Be Green

Festival Tips w/ Desperados: #6 Be Green

By Sabine Spethling


Desperados and tunes&wings teamed up to present you their festival tips 2018. Biweekly articles guide you through the summer months and to a fantastic festival season. Camping hacks, rave outfits, sustainability, how to keep your drinks cool and much more. Cheers to a fantastic festival summer!

The claim ‘Green festival’ is currently a must for event organisers. Some of them really do a great job and take this topic serious, like stages made out of recycled products, solar energy, ecological toilets and showers, a sustainable food concept and many more. On the other hand, some just create a single green aspect which can be communicated on the website or facebook account. Let’s focus on the really good examples and let’s have a look on what we as visitors can do to save the environment while raving. So here comes the green behavior guide for festivals with tips around sustainable festival visits that consider the environment.

Avoid Plastic

Current studies say that in 2050, three times more plastic could swim in the sea than fish. Also the micro plastic that is often used in cosmetics, derogates our beautiful nature. There are many festival hacks out there like creating a spoon out of a plastic bottle, but does that help the nature? No. Did you ever try bamboo cutlery or eatable plates? Well, we are young, so lets be curious and try out new things. Another avoid-plastic-tip, that is also keeping your drinks cold are stainless steel bottles instead of plastic bottles – refillable and reusable. Btw: You are helping the environment by drinking Desperados. Why? It comes in a glass bottle and is also reusable.

Use organic Cosmetics

As mentioned above, the micro plastic in cosmetics harms our beautiful nature while taking a shower at the festival side or swimming in the lake nearby while wearing sun lotion. Glitter and fancy spray-on-hair-colors look nice for one day, but have a huge impact on the nature. Take a look at the ingredients of your cosmetics, maybe you want to try organic soap for your next festival trip and leave the plastic bottles at home – this saves the environment and space in your backpack.


Avoid Waste

Many festivals take place in a breathtaking scenery in the middle of the woods or nearby a lake. Can you imagine how the sites often look after a festival when everyone is leaving their tents, plastic bags, cigarette butts, empty bottles, etc. there? A disgusting picture. A German magazine mentioned that one festival guest leaves 6-15 kilos trash at a festival. Unbelievable! What you can do to minimise your waste is:

  1. Take your waste with you
  2. Use soap instead of cosmetics in plastic bottles
  3. Use refillable bottles
  4. Use organic and compostable products
  5. Say no to plastic straws, cutlery, plates or cups

In case you are a smoker: Watch out for the cigarettes bag many festivals are handing out at the entrance of the festival. If they don’t have one: Create one on your own and take it with you.



You think you feel like an alternative, organic hippie after considering all those tips? Well if this isn’t the costume you wanted to wear at the festival there is no need to. So many cool and state-of-the-art alternatives exist out there, just have a deeper look on what’s available on the market and enjoy the festival season with an eye on our beautiful nature so that you can enjoy even more festival experiences in a wonderful surrounding.


This article was created in friendly cooperation with Desperados.


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