Interviews w/ Artists of the Charity Event LIFE ACT

Interviews w/ Artists of the Charity Event LIFE ACT

By Sabine Spethling


Last weekend the second edition of the charity event LIFE ACT took place at Prince Charles in Berlin. Acts like Timo Maas, Tiefschwarz, Mouse on Mars, Pam Bam, Nela, Forever Jung and many more contributed with their sound to the event. The African Food Festival presented specialities from the continent and a yoga session gained the inner balance for the ravers. The money raised will be donated to the organization DAHW e.V. who presented their incredible projects via virtual reality glasses. 

‘Raising awareness for the situation in East Africa & Yemen is one of the most important things.’ mentioned Manuel of the DAHW in our interview. Within this podcast episode many artists are talking about their reason why to support the event and the importance of solidarity with East Africa. Find out what Tiefschwarz, Nela, Forever Jung, Pam Bam, Rafael Da Cruz and Clint Stewart say about the importance of the event. Furthermore Co-founder Laura as well as the DAHW will explain the idea of the event as well as the situation in East Africa & Yemen.

This article is also available as podcast on Spotify and iTunes.

You couldn’t be part of the event but still want to support it? Here’s the link to the organization DAHW e.V. and the facebook page of LIFE ACT.

The idea for LIFE ACT was sparked in April 2017 in response to a critical United Nations report at the time. The (then) UN emergency aid coordinator, Stephen O’Brien, addressed the world community with some alarming facts: some 20 million people in East Africa are affected by starvation, particularly in Southern Sudan, Yemen, Somalia and Nigeria. We are living through one of the most serious humanitarian crises since 1945, triggered by conflicts, wars and severe drought. Several billion dollars are needed to combat this, but the problem exists, not only because of a lack of financial support.

Very few are aware of the extent of this incomprehensible situation – or as one ARD journalist put it: “Most donors are looking towards Syria or Iraq. But you can just look across the Mediterranean and see the crisis on your doorstep, and what is going on in East Africa is forgotten.”

In 2017, music producer Julian Ganzer and journalist Laura Lewandowski, laid the foundation for top-class events within Berlin’s art and culture scene, with the mission to create awareness for the suppressed crises on this planet and to give back a voice to the unheard. The first LIFE ACT Electronic Music festival took place in 2017. In February, they became an official association whose members include people from the media, music, art, culture scene.

The mission to make the world a little better is what unites LIFE ACT. For an individual, the sheer scale of such crises and conflicts can be overwhelming at best, many asking themselves “What can I do on my own?”

That is why LIFE ACT got founded. A Do-it-Yourself or Better-Together -Network of creative, visionary people from music, art, culture and media. Who are united not only by a mission, but also a shared vision.


Cover Picture by Michel Behling



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