Euphoria Tipi Wonderland

Euphoria Tipi Wonderland

By Sabine Spethling


There’s a magical sensation about witnessing something beautiful come to life. It’s a great time for electronic music all around the world at the moment, with new festivals and venues popping up in every corner of the globe, unifying generations in their love for music and dancing and to celebrate this beautiful life we have been given.

Experiencing Euphoria Tipi Wonderland come to life in the beautiful hinterlands of the Australian Gold Coast on May 13th 2017 however, was something beyond any new rave I’ve seen before.

The location of the Wonderland was truly special, nestled on the outskirts of the stunning Springbrook National Park, which is part of the UNESCO world heritage listed Gondwana Rainforests, a remnant of a once gigantic shield volcano that formed the region over thirteen million years before it died ten million years ago.

The drive towards the venue was already a trip in itself. About an hour from both the Gold Coast and Byron Bay, it was winding through lush rainforest and beautiful rock formations along the old rim of the volcano, hardly passing by any forms of civilization.

Arriving in the dark, the only sign that something was out of the norm that day, was a single torch burning peacefully on the side of the road. We still had no idea what to expect when we turned into a small farm track down a hill, seeing nothing but a stream of torchlights fading out in the distance. However the second we reached a farm gate and were welcomed with hugs and love by the dressed up and glittering team behind Euphoria, as if we’d been part of the family forever, it was clear that this night was set to be something special.

After parking the cars and dusting off our capes we followed the string of torches towards a small array of tipis in between giant trees and clouds of smoke, lit up by mesmerizing visuals and vibrating from deep techno beats. After a few hundred meters walking over fields shimmering in the full moon, muddy from days of rain we finally arrived in a village, that looked like it came straight out of dreamland. Fire dancers and beautiful people dancing happily between the tipis that served as canvases for morphing patterns with the amazing visuals constantly dissolving and reappearing within the throng of smoke as if the volcano would have come back to life for this one special night, transcending you deeper and deeper into a journey to a world where time and space becomes irrelevant.

From glistering bonfires to steaming coffees and a health and elixir bar everything was provided to keep you lifted for the more than 17 hour journey that peaked when the clouds, that kept many people from making the way, opened up for a mild summer shower, illuminating the night sky with a zillion dancing stars, just before dusk would break through, reviving the lush woods and making the gruff surrounding cliffs undress their nightgowns, woven out of the most fluffy cotton balls.

The soundtrack of the night was a kaleidoscope of electronic underground music provided by some amazing local DJs including Slinky, Nick Taylor, Si Clone and Miles Jackson and one could feel the love and passion for music with every beat of the drum, as they captivated the tribe and kept them dancing throughout the rain, long into the next day.

It’s a shame not more people found their way into this Wonderland, because this was by far the most beautiful musical experience I’ve had in Australia over the months of my stay. It’s crazy to think about the fact, that all of this really only came to life over a couple days of planning. The next festival in that unique location is already set for the first Australian summer days in November and I can’t even begin to imagine what the future will hold for Euphoria. No matter what, make sure not to miss this gathering of love and happiness the next time!



Article by Tobi Klanner


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