ebb+flow boat party NYC

ebb+flow boat party NYC

By Sabine Spethling


ebb+flow is what the essence of underground techno was when it was born in the 90’s. It is all about feeling the music, experiencing the community and the vibes, scooting over the dancefloor. I had the pleasure to join the ebb+flow family on their boat party in May. In the line-up: EINMUSIKJustin MarchacosGavin Stephenson & Iman Rizky.

“Music is our passion – the heart and soul of ebb+flow. It pushes and pulls, moving us to its rhythms and vibrations. It creates sounds, environments and a community that includes one and all. The ebb+flow of music brings together diverse people and perspectives in an expressive and harmonious unity. This is what we seek to build and share.”


A sunny Sunday afternoon in Manhattan. A boat, which is actually cruising tourists around, is waiting to depart on the Hudson River. On board: a varied and agog crowd. People laughing, enjoying the sun and wearing creative outfits that remind me of pictures from Burning Man. That is all surrounded by the beautiful skyline of Manhattan on the one side and lush, green woods on the other side. The following five hours promise a fantastic and emotional party.

ebb+flow is a community of deep house and techno lovers that simply enjoy this kind of music. The ebb+flow parties are not essentially about the line-up or the people attending a party, but the emotional journey while listening to techno. Their vision is to create gatherings and events dedicated to the love of dance music, art, culture, self-expression and the community. It’s a collective of friends that simply have a deep passion for electronic music with all its facets and not doing it because of the lifestyle. All of the ebb+flow crew are doing this as a side project, next to their regular job. There is a kind of  grown-up common sense that allows focusing on the experience and the community. The excellent organization of the whole event helped to create a relaxed atmosphere.


They are the people that also love attending Burning Man. You instantly feel this kind of positive energy – Samuel (Einmusik)


The main initiators of the gathering are Gavin Stephenson and Iman Rizky. Both of them have been part of the NYC electronic music scene since the very beginning. The two of them also played fantastic sets during our cruise. I almost had the feeling they were playing for their friends, as everyone seemed to know each other. Gavin and Iman obviously view organizing the parties as a labor of love.

Another fantastic artist from the ebb+flow family who enriched the boat with his thrilling sound is Justin Marchacos. He’s relatively new to the electronic music scene, although he’s been a versatile music composer for a long time with roots in the film industry. Marchacos has already performed at Cityfox’s parties – NYC’s most popular promoter – at the BPM festival in Mexico and Katerblau in Berlin.

All I can say is that all the guys killed it with so much soul, inspiration, rawness and realness. There was phenomenal music around every corner. I literally danced my ass off, laughed non-stop & connected with like-minded beautiful energies. To me, the feeling was indescribable as I listened to Einmusik perform an outstanding live set in front of the incredible backdrop of the Brooklyn Bridge. It left me speechless.

The next ebb+flow party is on June 25, make sure to check it out when you are around.

Dear ebb+flow team, I am so grateful for being able to meet you beautiful people. I was literally overwhelmed by the warm welcome. Thank you for letting me being a part of your family.

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