Deep Beats Yoga at House of YES in NYC

Deep Beats Yoga at House of YES in NYC

By Sabine Spethling

Deep Beats is a Yoga class that is surrounded by driving and intense house beats and basses. An outstanding experience at House of YES in NYC that intensified the connection between music and body movement. 


“Deep Beats Yoga is dedicated to bringing you a fusion of the ancient discipline of yoga with sultry deep house grooves – a moving meditation that will still your mind AND get your blood pumping! #ShakeYourAsana!”

Deep Beats Yoga led me through an hour of vinyasa flow accompanied by deep house grooves. A spiritual experience that deepened my love to electronic music and to Yoga.  I had the pleasure to join a class at House of YES with Marvin Technolasko at the decks and Jenny Chao as a fantastic Yoga teacher. Marvin is an old hand within the NYC electronic music scene and created a special atmosphere during this one hour full of ecstasies and mindfulness for body and soul.

We asked George, the founder of this event, how it all started and how it became what it is now:
To give you the full picture of how it all started, I have to give credit where it’s due: about 10 years ago, my girlfriend was getting certified to teach and would come home with what she learned every day – which is how I initially got into yoga in the first place.
I had been DJ’ing since the early 90’s and turned her on to soulful house & deep house (which was very different from what we call “Deep House” today). She loved the spiritual and uplifting mood of these songs, which she had never heard in other kinds of electronic music, and when the time came for her to start leading group classes, she suggested that I DJ for one of her practice classes.
We rented a studio, decorated it, I brought in a PA and we did the class – and the response was undeniable, people loved it! It wasn’t financially viable to continue doing it at the time, but years later I was managing a nightclub in Brooklyn, and our dark nights became the perfect opportunity to bring it back. Since then, I’ve held DeepBeats events on rooftops, in parks and of course nightclubs.
Now it’s become really popular all over the world – instructors and studios are becoming more music-driven and with dance music having more of a mainstream presence we see a lot of overlap between the wellness community and those in the “scene”. Sure, many clubgoers like to party hard but many also live sober, healthy lifestyles  – and there are many who live somewhere in between. So to bring the two together is not so far-fetched
Yoga helps people to bring together their mind, body, and soul – likewise, music is an incredibly powerful link to memories, emotions & moods and can elevate us spiritually. Through my DeepBeats events I hope to unite the yogic practice with the music we love.

The perfect location for this event was House of YES – home of the NYC underground art scene and a performance art theatre.

“Our vibe is art, performance, queer and radical inclusion” – Jacqui & Ilan (House of Yes)

House of YES was created as a temple of expression, dedicated to connection, creativity, and celebrating life. The founders believe in the creative energy of every person who enters this space. They believe that performance, dance and art can inspire and heal us and that weird is wonderful. A performance fueled night club and creative venue programmed with eclectic events and fabulous dance parties.


Thank you all for such an amazing experience in such an outstanding location! Thank you George for bringing this into being!



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