Interview w/ The Gardens of Babylon Founder Shishi

Interview w/ The Gardens of Babylon Founder Shishi

By Sabine Spethling


Shishi Meriwani is the founder of “The Gardens of Babylon”, an immersive event series that combines electronic music and spirituality. As a real powerhouse she’s not only working on The Gardens of Babylon, but on the event series Wild as the Moon, The Altitude Artist Agency, The Monastery Festival and so much more. We talked about tribes, her personal vision and perception of spirituality, the online event “Temple of Babylon”, economical challenges during COVID-19 and the future of festivals.



This interview is available as podcast on Spotify and Apple Podcasts.

In this interview we are talking about:

  • Her way to keep the balance these difficult days
  • Why electronic music and spirituality compliment each other so well
  • Tribes and spirituality
  • How her first Burning Man changed her on a cellular level
  • The beginnings of The Gardens of Babylon – from the idea to the first event
  • Her vision for The Gardens of Babylon
  • What drives her to run the various projects and how she gains her energy
  • Live streaming and the online events „The free online Isolation Party“ and “The Temple of Babylon”
  • Which economical impact COVID-19 has for festival organisers and the involved parties
  • How the festival world could look like when this pandemic is over


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