Interview w/ Glaskin about Techno in Munich

Interview w/ Glaskin about Techno in Munich

By Sabine Spethling


Glaskin are two brothers from Munich. Specialising in their own distinctive take on the harder edges of techno and electro, the duo are currently residents at the renowned Blitz Club. In 2019, they launched their own imprint, YAEL Trip, a label intended to showcase their own material as well as interpretations from like-minded figures. They are also part of the promotion team of the two Munich-based festivals ‘Back to the Woods‘ and ‘Schall im Schilf‘, where they play regularly. We are happy Glaskin and their recommendations are part of our Munich T[rave]l Guide.


This interview is available as a podcast on Spotify, and Apple Podcasts.

In this interview we are talking about:

  • How a regular Saturday in Munich looks like for them
  • The Hutton Academy of martial arts, a location they recommended in the Munich Guide
  • What the city and its scene mean to them
  • Their time at MMA, what the club meant to them and how their career grew there
  • What they think makes Blitz Club standout and proves the success
  • The secret ingredient of festivals ‘Schall im Schilf’ and ‘Back to the Woods’
  • The idea of their own imprint YAEL Trip
  • The first moment they started doing music together
  • Their new album
  • They best moment in their career so far


Cover picture by Benjamin Herchet

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