Interview w/ Sascha Funke about his Productions

Interview w/ Sascha Funke about his Productions

By Sabine Spethling

After nine years Sascha Funke released a new LP “Lotos Land”. Time for us to talk with the artist, that is an iconic part of the electronic music scene since the 90ies. His track “Mango” is also part of Paul Kalkbrenners movie “Berlin calling”. His style ranges from technoid to spheric and we are glad he found some time for an interview during his stay in Munich.

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In this podcast we are talking about:

  • Saschas new LP “Lotos Land”
  • The common project “Saschienne” with his wife Julienne
  • The Berlin electronic music scene
  • My favourite Summer track “MZ”
  • How life was with his room mate Paul Kalkbrenner back in the 90ies
  • What’s on his agenda the upcoming months

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Pictures by Marco Dos Santos / Backroom Entertainment



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