Interview w/ Murat Uncuoglu about Istanbul

Interview w/ Murat Uncuoglu about Istanbul

By Sabine Spethling


Murat Uncuoglu coined Istanbul’s electronic music scene since the end of the 80ies and with his label ‘Isolate’ and his clubs ‘Module’ and ‘Kafes’ he is still doing it now. He recently had a release on ‘Innervisions’ ‘Secret Weapons’ and is taking us on a journey through his hometown Istanbul within this podcast interview. 


This article is available as podcast on Spotify and iTunes.


In this interview we are talking about:

  • His label ‘Isolate’ that he founded together with Alican and friends
  • The beginnings of electronic music in Istanbul
  • The biggest milestones of the scene since the end of the 80ies
  • Istanbul’s electronic music scene nowadays
  • Current clubs, artists and promoters in Istanbul
  • How the current political situation will influence the culture in the future
  • His personal travel tips and hot spots in Istanbul


*note: travel tips of Murat will follow

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