Interview w/ David Muallem about BLITZ Club

Interview w/ David Muallem about BLITZ Club

By Sabine Spethling


Sound nerd. Berghain DJ. Munich lover. BLITZ co-founder. Former creative director at Bob Beaman. Dancer. Passionate techno community proponent. David Muallem has a huge musical expertise and understanding of nightlife. As creative director of Bob Beaman he pushed the club to a top spot on the list of Europe’s best clubs. After having left his former residency, he is now one of the creative minds behind the BLITZ Dance Music Club in Munich that just opened in April 2017.

“Actually I am a dancer”

As we are both German we preferred to do the interview in our mother language. Let me know if you are interested in a translation.

This podcast is available on iTunes and on Spotify.

In this podcast episode we are talking about:

  • Muallem’s musical journey
  • His sound nerd-being
  • The time he spent in New York, Tel Aviv and London
  • Why he is still in love with his homebase Munich
  • Why Munich doesn’t need to hide in the techno scene in Germany
  • Why it was time to leave Bob Beaman
  • His vision and the (sound) concept for BLITZ Dance Music Club
  • The electronic music community and the techno culture in Munich
  • The ideas he gained from Berghain and other great clubs around the world
  • His passion for the music, community and dancing


Photo credit: August CC I Location Brooker

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