Ericeira Electronic Music Travel Guide

Ericeira Electronic Music Travel Guide

By Sabine Spethling


Only 40 minutes from Lisbon, the former fisher village and now surfer hotspot Ericeira is a lively destination for surfers, skaters and ravers alike. Narrow streets, white houses and the glorious beaches along the coastline draw a picturesque holiday scenery. We followed the recommendations of the Portuguese artist Luisa and visited some newly opened restaurants and hotels and serve you with tips for electronic music events. 

Transparency: In friendly cooperation with Immerso & Aethos Hotels and Oapartamento.



Follow the Recommendations of DJ Luísa

Luísa was born and raised in Lisbon. She regularly performs at clubs like 5A, Lux Frágil, Ministerium, Harbor & PlanoB. Next to her home in Lisbon she often spends time at her family’s home in Ericeira where she unwinds from the busy streets of Lisbon. In this article she shares some of her local treasures in Ericeira with us:

Casa da Fernanca Ouriços – typical pastries from the region


Amazing octopus and meat at Prim

Best tapas place in town Tik Tapas

Seafood at Mar a Vista


The best Places to Stay in the Region of Ericeira

If it’s for a weekend getaway or your summer holidays: You’ll find beautifully designed hotels in and around Ericeira that connect you with the local rhythm.

Aethos Ericeira

The boutique hotel brand for conscious travelers opened this property in September 2022. Located on the cliffs and in harmony with Ericeira’s coastline, it offers panoramic views over the Atlantic Ocean from almost every angle. Not only the exterior, but also the interior convinces with a relaxing atmosphere – inspired by the tones and textures of the surrounding beaches, dunes and cliffs.

Aethos strives to create a healthy balance. From healthy food to daily yoga and meditation classes and the spa area to rental bikes and the proximity to Ericeira’s events. It’s a great spot to connect with local grounds and with world travellers.




Immersed in the landscape, Immerso rises from local grounds and offers breathtaking views overlooking the coastline and Atlantic Ocean. It’s based on eco-sustainability and was created by a local family who has gained inspiration during their travels around the globe. Finally, they gathered all their input and brought it home to Ericeira. Immerso is the first 5-star hotel in the region and opened in summer 2022.

One of the highlights is for sure the light and the view during sunset. It frames a golden scenery with a never-ending horizon. This picture accompanies the earthy tones and the natural textures of Immerso, so you can “feel, pause, and breathe!”



You and the Sea

You and the Sea, as the name suggests, is a tribute to the sea and Ericeira, in which heart this hotel is located. The concept behind the project is a response to the need for something different in the region – a luxury hotel, for those seeking an informal seaside experience, with all the comfort of city life.

You and the Sea is part of the Sea Salt Collective, organising regular music events, markets and activities for the region and its visitors.Credit: Armando Jorge Mota Ribeiro

The best Restaurants & Cafés in Ericeira

From regional, traditional dishes and pastries to plates with international flavours – Ericeira is more and more becoming a Mekka for gourmets.


Immerso’s signature restaurant was created by Alexandre Silva. If you know the Portuguese chef, you know that he’s a big fan of fire – so the restaurant will be extended to an outside kitchen during summer. At his side, resident chef Paulo Pedro is also immersed in the region’s most inspiring features, always looking for new things and focusing on making the hotel’s epicurean experience an exceptional moment.

The ingredients on the menu are all locally sourced. Some of the vegetables and herbs on the plates are even harvested in the garden of the hotel. The fish, meat and other ingredients come from producers, fishermen and farms around the hotel.




A taste of sea with a touch of land

Inspired by surfers sharing the wave on the Atlantic Ocean – ONDA, the restaurant of Aethos Ericeira is based on a sustainable and seasonable sharing concept. It presents creative dishes with local ingredients like fresh fish from Peniche. What starts as a fun and casual restaurant during the day becomes a relaxed, elevated dining destination at night.



Costa Fria

Only opened end of 2022, this restaurant is a newcomer to Ericeiras coast. It convinces its guests with exceptional and flavours and textures, a great wine selection and amazing service. The surprisingly different journey already starts with the bread and olives with intense herbs. A bit pricey but a real food experience.




Balagan is not a typical beach bar. The unique deli, café and restaurant surprises with a colourful interior and a  Middle Eastern inspired kitchen. Located a the beach of Praia do Sul, Balagan serves mezze like hummus, baba ganoush and the delish popcorn falafel but also lamb kebab or grilled fish. The deli offers brioche croissants, cinnamon buns, chocolate babka and much more.



The Capsule Café

The Capsule is for sure different. A food experience with unexpected combos, flavours, colours and textures. The neo-bistro cuisine with an open kitchen simply surprises. To give you an example: the brown sauce with blueberries on the picture looks like a dessert, but is actually a savoury main dish with tuna and a garlic sauce. Also not to miss: the unique natural wine collection and speciality coffee.



Events & Activities in Ericeira

Next to the events of the Sea Salt collective, there is especially one event you not want to miss when visiting Ericeira. Lisbon’s Collect crew organises “Collect Culture”, a music, surf and skate gathering, presenting international as well as local artists like Luísa, Rui Vargas, João Maria and many more.


Ericeira is a surfer's paradise with some of the best waves in Europe. Explore the top spots and tips on SurfSphere for an unforgettable surfing experience. 


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