Mozambique Electronic Music Travel Guide by Breeze and The Sun & Neil Amarey

Mozambique Electronic Music Travel Guide by Breeze and The Sun & Neil Amarey

By Sabine Spethling


Breeze and The Sun & Neil Amarey are DJ / Producers based in Mozambique from 2014. They founded My Other Side of The Moon and started label parties in Maputo, playing in the most spectacular places in Mozambique and connoisseurs of its most hidden spots. Breeze & The Sun and Neil Amarey feature on the latest release from Valexx, out on My Other Side On The Moon. In this Mozambique Electronic Music Travel Guide they reveal their favourite spots in the country.


The best Sunsets in Maputo: Dhow 

This is a magical place, get immersed in a mysterious, exotic and delightfully decorated sunset bar. Home to exclusive parties, where Neil Amarey and Breeze and The Sun have played and enchanted guests with their music, this is the perfect spot to get lost in the most amazing view of the city under a mesmerizing light.


The best Villas in front of the Ocean: Machangulo reserve


Natural beauty, conservation area, hidden gem in the Indian Ocean, Machangulo reserve is home to not only incredible animal species, like the turtles who come to nest along the white desert beaches, but also to beautiful humpbacks swimming free and that you can admire from very close. The white dunes of fine sand ends in a blue ocean, and the breathtaking views have been the scenery of some of Neil and Breeze’s afro organic house DJ sets.


The perfect Spot for Holiday & Relaxation in Mozambique: As Dunas 


In the tropical bay of Inhambane, located between the palm trees and a crystalline light blue water, this lodge is the perfect spot for a different type of holiday. From the diving experiences, boat trips to the beautiful marine reserves and island Bazaruto and Santa Carolina, to the massage under the tent, this lodge is a small piece of paradise, treating you with delicious cuisine, a fusion between Italy and Mozambique, all made with local products and a great deal of creativity by the Italian and Mozambican chefs.   


The best Restaurant in Mozambique: Green Turtle (Barra, Ihambane)


Not far from As Dunas, in the hidden beach of Barra, you can find a little curious restaurant, which we believe is the best in Mozambique. The Green Turtle offers French cuisine with a huge variety of seafood based dishes, served on one of the best beaches of the country. 


Mozambiques best Beaches : Quirimbas Islands


This is a truly lost paradise. This archipelago is a tropical marine reserve, a biodiversity in the far north of Mozambique. Part of it is the famous island of Vamizi, home to more than 180 different species of coral and more than 400 species of reef fish, recognized as one of the leading luxury private islands and conservation projects in East Africa and the Indian Ocean. Unfortunately the whole area was captured by insurgents and at the center of a conflict in recent years, but the hope is that it will return to host tourists looking for special dives, amazing nature and mystical experiences. 


The Best Luxury Lodge in Mozambique: Sussurro


If you ever dreamed about one thousand and one night, this is the place that will make your dream come true. Seated on the secluded shores of a warm turquoise lagoon in Southern Mozambique, in the village of Inhassoro, Sussurro lodge is a thoughtfully designed space for you to align with nature and immerse yourself in a more meaningful travel experience. This lodge has been awarded various prestigious titles of Ahead Mea 2021, among which the Landscaping and Outdoor Spaces award, and the Ahead Mea Hotel of the year award. 


  1. The Best Natural Park : Gorongosa


Gorongosa National Park, in the Sofala province, at the center of Mozambique, is perhaps Africa’s greatest wildlife restoration story: a 20-year Public-Private Partnership between the Government of Mozambique and the Gorongosa Restoration Project, a U.S. non-profit organization. By adopting a 21st Century conservation model of balancing the needs of wildlife and people, the Park is protecting and saving this beautiful wilderness, returning it to its rightful place as one of Africa’s greatest parks.


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