Leeds Electronic Music Travel Guide by Bobby O’Donnell

Leeds Electronic Music Travel Guide by Bobby O’Donnell

By Sabine Spethling


Leeds – a city located in the heart of the United Kingdom. Especially known for its live music venues and artists, Leeds has a lot to offer for Electronic Music lovers, too. Mint Warehouse attracts big names from the music scene worldwide. Resident Bobby O’Donnell will take us on a tour through his hometown and reveal the best places to eat, drink & dance in Leeds.

Bobby O’Donnell has been a long standing resident of The Mint Club and Mint Warehouse since 2007, which has seen hin warm up people like Ricardo Villalobos, Nichals Lutz, Craig Richards, Sonja Moonear to Jeff Mills, Marcel Dettmann and loads more. He also plays regularly round UK and Europe. Bobby’s first productions caught the ears of Fred P’s Soul People Music and then a slew of releases followed on Steve O’Sullivans Mosaic, Subb-an’s One Records, Catch Recordings and Strobe Wax. More recently he’s had a big release on Rossko’s Late Night Skanking and am currently making EPs for FUSE and Constant Sound (Burnski). Also Bobby runs his own label E-Numbers
Bobby O’Donnell and the team behind Mint Warehouse recently announced the festival dates for Newsam Park, taking place on 10th July 2021: One day and night. Two stages. World class production and one of the finest locations. Newsman Park Festival in Leeds is going to be the huge release all dance music lovers need in their life in 2021. It is going to happen on July 10th, having been sanctioned by all relevant authorities.

Maureen’s – Leed’s best Jerk Chicken

What is there to say about this absolute zenith of Leeds takeaways. If you’ve eaten here, you crave it regularly, if you haven’t eaten here then you’re most likely to have lost out on many other things in life too. People come from far and wide to sample the jerk chicken because it’s the best in the land.

Bastards Bistro – Fine Dining to Kebab in Leeds

Conceived by a down to earth bastard, who can cater for any occasion. From fine dining to scotch eggs, via high end kebabs and drinks, they’ve got you covered with their ever changing menu. Food and booze to keep your head happy and belly laughing.

Nash’s – The Fish and Chips Place to be in Leeds

Leeds oldest and first Fish and Chip shop, ran by a wonderful family and cooked with love, its nearly 100 years old too (2024). Their homemade mushy peas and curry sauce really do compliment their food. Incredible chippy.

House of Koko – Leed’s best Brunch

Situated in the heart of Chapel Allerton and with an ever evolving Brunch menu, weekly specials and a constant rotation of guest Bakers, House of Koko all in all hands down provide the best in the area for sweet and savoury.

Stew and Oyster – Aphrodisiac Food in Leeds

At the risk of sounding like George Clarke, this is an amazing space (for boozing) and you can book a table outside for their famous Stew and Oysters, the latter food is a known aphrodisiac, therefore really adding to the second summer of love we’ve all got ahead.

Distrikt – Favourite Bar & Burger Spot in Leeds

I don’t think I’m alone in buzzing that the home-from-home bar, Distrikt, will be re-opening soon. Serving the soundest cocktails and the loads of good local DJs, they’ve also teamed up with Big Buns, so we can scran burgers and fries, while drinking outside.

Mint Warehouse – Leed’s most famous Electronic Music Club

As you might have seen we’re back to the newly-refurbished-but-used-three-times, Mint Warehouse, which is famous for it’s terrace parties. It’s really going to be amazing to see the development of this new club once it’s over!
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Cover Photo by Gary Butterfield
Location Photos by Bobby ODonnell


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