Interview w/ Worakls about Touring with an Orchestra

Interview w/ Worakls about Touring with an Orchestra

By Sabine Spethling


Worakls is a French live act influenced by and grown up with classical music. He’s currently touring with an orchestra of 20 musicians, playing his latest album ‘Orchestra’. Kevin Rodrigues, how he’s called as real name, is a big fan of melodies that are awakening emotions, thus his sets sound like the soundtrack of epic movies. 


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In this interview we are talking about:

  • One happening that touched him most in 2019
  • How the idea of touring with an orchestra came into his mind
  • For which movie his album would fit as soundtrack
  • Which emotions he’s addressing when playing
  • Which city in France he would recommend to electronic music lovers
  • What he likes about Paris
  • What he will be doing after his tour in February 2020

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Cover Picture by Samy Mit Chikh


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