Interview w/ Romansoff during the TEB Festival Bucharest

Interview w/ Romansoff during the TEB Festival Bucharest

By Sabine Spethling


DJ and producer Romansoff is a local artist from Bucharest, Romania. With his vinyl only label ‘Raw Tools’ he’s featuring raw analogue house music and contributes an important part to the local electronic music scene. This interview was recorded during the Telekom Electronic Beats Festival 2019 in Bucharest, which took place 13-16 June.

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This interview took place during the Telekom Electronic Beats Festival 2019 which took place in Bucharest, 13-16 June. TEB is a platform which is bringing attention to local club scenes in Germany, Austria and East Europe with regular events. In this case their annual festival.


On the line-up in Bucharest: DJ Seinfeld, Donna Leake, Epikur, DJ Assam b2b Liem, HVOB, Raphael Top Secret and IDER. Furthermore the New York-based Discwoman collective brought female power to Bucharest with Volvox, Umfang, Akua and VTSS. In addition Telekom Electronic Beats invited a variety of local Romanian artists like Bogman, Karpov not Kasparov, Carol & Luca, Nipples Delight, Călin & iO and Romansoff who we talked about the local scene with.


The three days city event was embedded in an industrial, rough but warm location called Expirat and the adjacent Platforma Wolff. It’s an open format club and event venue, connected to the local underground culture of the Romanian capital. Sound engineer Laurin Schafhausen, a.k.a. the master of sound, created a thrilling atmosphere for the event.

On Saturday the festival programme got extended with a local market, featuring Kompakt and shops and artists from the city.


In the interview with Romansoff we are talking about:

  • The Telekom Electronic Beats Festival
  • Which impact Telekom Electronic Beats has on the scene in Bucharest
  • His musical journey
  • How he built and establish his label in the scene
  • The beginnings of the scene in his country
  • How he would describe the club scene in Bucharest nowadays
  • Which up and rising labels, artists, clubs or collectives Bucharest has
  • In which places the local scene meets during the day
  • How he sees the future of electronic music in Bucharest

To all Romanian speaking people, tune in his podcast interview with TEB here.


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A Bucharest t[rave]l Guide with more background information about the local scene and travel tips for electronic music lovers will follow soon on tunes&wings.


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