Interview w/ IDER about ‘The Greatest Party’

Interview w/ IDER about ‘The Greatest Party’

By Sabine Spethling


Lily and Megan from IDER are real shooting stars. Their friendship is not only the core of their musical collaboration, but also the musical inspiration for many songs they wrote. What’s coning their electronic pop music songs are their incredible, synchronised and harmonising voices and the stories they tell. With songs like ‘Body Love’ IDER is empowering women around the globe. Among others this song is part of their debut album ‘Emotional Education’ which got released on 19 July.


We met the two ladies during Melt Festival 2019 which we attended together with Desperados. As this festival is always a great party and Desperados is where the best parties are, we also talked about whats makes a good party in their opinion and how they partied, when they were studying together.

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In this interview we are talking about:

  • The musical journey of their debut album Emotional Education
  • How they brought themselves into the mood of producing songs that are really getting to the core
  • Their opinion about female empowerment
  • Their gig at Melt Festival
  • The most legendary festival or party they attended so far
  • If they were a fan of student parties when they were studying together
  • Their favourite spots in their hometown London
  • How the next weeks after releasing the album look like

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