Interview w/ Bernd Neff about the Berlin Travel Festival

Interview w/ Bernd Neff about the Berlin Travel Festival

By Sabine Spethling


The Berlin Travel Festival debuts on March 9–11, 2018 at Arena Berlin in Kreuzberg. Over the last decade, travel has changed dramatically, therefore the festival is bringing the voices of a new generation of globetrotters to the stage. The three-day event is a curated gathering where physical and digital brands, products, speakers and publications dovetail come together. It’s divided into five main areas: Ocean Life, Culture Journeys, Weekenders, Outdoor Escapes, and the Nest. With a new approach to travel, the festival offers thought-provoking concepts, destinations, experiences and perspectives. Packed with color, curiosities, and a commitment to achieving a better tomorrow, the Berlin Travel Festival was created with this new tribe in mind. 

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In this interview Bernd Neff, the co-founder of the Berlin Travel Festival, is talking about:

  • How the idea of the festival came into his mind
  • What people can expect at the Berlin Travel Festival
  • The most exciting projects they portray there
  • Why do you think is it necessary to make a shift in the travel branch?
  • How the travel business changed in the last three years
  • Which impact traveling has on his personal life
  • The biggest challenge travel has to pass in the next years
  • His personal top 3 destinations



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