Hamburg Electronic Music Travel Guide by Josin

Hamburg Electronic Music Travel Guide by Josin

By Sabine Spethling


Josin is a project of German producer and artist Arabella Rauch. She is an artistic nomad that plays within a timeless, experimental and ambient musical sound. Her soaring voice is often layered on top of an intentionally atmospheric instrumental. Josin’s latest release, The Darkness, touches upon a familiar sense of numbness that is felt both on mass, as well as at an individual level. In this Hamburg Music Travel Guide she reveals her favourite spots of the German city for you.


Hamburg has a special place in my heart – it’s been my city where some of the most important things in my life happened. It’s the place where I admitted my true path to be the path of music, after I broke my mother’s heart by falling out of med school. I was working night shifts as a waitress, but hey, also studied economics and had my first real job there later on. But don’t worry, it didn´t last for long. I love simple things, living with nature and I love making my own food. From scratch, from a starving fridge, from self-caught fish, from unprocessed things – ideally while travelling remote places with a limited set of tools. But as this outdoor, home cooking list would fill a book, I want to share my favourite places in and around Hamburg, a city that lets you breath and that doesn’t make you feel so disconnected from nature. I want to share places with you that I have a personal connection to. And that happen to be really good in their category!

Josin’s former workplace: Mojo Club

Let´s start with Mojo Club. Not only is this one the most iconic and best concert venues in Hamburg, it also happens to be my former employer. Remember that real job – well, before JOSIN I actually worked there as an accountant and the crew love was real too. It broke my heart to go, but the voice inside was too loud and I had to follow my instincts – the music. If you stay in Hamburg and the world is back to normal, you can be sure that your best concert waits in the underground built Mojo Club.


Hamburg’s City Beach “Elbstrand”

Hamburg has beaches: “Elbstrand”, which is basically a lot of sand by the river of Elbe. City meets industry meets nature, but always a good place to relax. It stretches far out of the city and one of the best spots is called „Falkensteiner Ufer“. It´s about 20 Min outside the center. Going there you will pass by „Jenisch Park“, a great dog walk place.


Fusion Cuisine in Hamburg at Restaurant “Vienna”

My absolute favourite restaurant (not only in Hamburg) is Vienna. Austrian, French, fusion cuisine. Just go there. It’s a small place and they accept no reservations, which makes the beauty of it. The atmosphere is so relaxed, cosy, communicative, like in a typical French brasserie. This place is so down to earth, while serving the finest food. Naturally cool and artsy vibes.


In Short: The best Coffee and Food Markets in Town

Best coffee: Due Baristi and Black Delight. Food markets and shopping: Andronaco, Hamburg fish market and Isemarkt.

Scandinavian Concept Store at Schanzenviertel: Minimarkt

If you want to say “Hi” to my adorable friend and visit her absolutely stunning, cute, scandinavian concept store in the famous Schanzenviertel area, go to “minimarkt”. Enjoy getting inspired by her incredible selection of useful, sustainable and beautiful everyday things.


The perfect Escape at the Northern Sea: Lokken

The nicest feature about Hamburg for me personally is it’s proximity to the north. If you drive up Denmark you will find my traditional stop-over beach for your full ocean load before heading to the ferries further north: Lokken. Situated at the Northern Sea, it has everything you need to fight stress and wake your senses. Beautiful dunes, cold water, wind. There is a huge beach area, that you can drive right onto (be careful not to get stuck!) with your car, van, RV. The perfect escape.


Tune in our podcast interview to find out more about the outstanding artist Josin:

All pictures by Josin.

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