Festival Tips w/ Desperados: #3 Cool Drinks

Festival Tips w/ Desperados: #3 Cool Drinks

By Sabine Spethling


Desperados and tunes&wings teamed up to present you their festival tips 2018. Biweekly articles guide you through the summer months and to a fantastic festival season. Camping hacks, rave outfits, sustainability, how to keep your drinks cool and much more. Cheers to a fantastic festival summer!

Sunshine and great music – that‘s what ravers want. The only problem: Warm drinks come with high degrees. Here are the top four tricks to keep your drinks and your Desperados cool during the festival season.

Sock Trick

Life can be so easy when you know about this trick. Actually socks are not on the checklist when packing your festival backbag, but probably will from now on. How to do it? Water a sock, put your bottle in it and give it some sunshine. Due to the humidification of the water, your drink will get cold. Magic or physics, it’s up to you to decide.

Hole in the Ground

Do it like the mole and make a hole in the ground. Why? It’s much colder under the surface than above. Just make sure you don’t forget where you buried them.

Lake or River

What do humans do in summer when it’s way too hot outside? Right, they jump into the river or lake. You should do the same with your drinks when they get too hot as well. Just make sure to leash them, otherwise they will find a new owner.

Stainless Steel Bottles

Stainless steel bottles not only keep your drinks cold, but also are of huge benefit for the environment, as they avoid plastic. Tip: Make sure the festival allows those bottles on the battle field. There are already many companies on the market offering thermos flasks that keep your drinks cool for 24 hours. Just google it and find your new travel and festival buddy. Many of them also make sure that the gas in your Desperados will remain.

This article was created in friendly cooperation with Desperados.


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