Buenos Aires Electronic Music Travel Guide by Forma

Buenos Aires Electronic Music Travel Guide by Forma

By Sabine Spethling


Forma stems from the union of Juan Hansen & Pablo Bursztyn as an experimental electronic duo based in Buenos Aires. Juan’s electronic background fuses with the experimental spirit of Pablo’s musical search to create an eclectic trip exhausting one mood at a time. The Argentinian Electronica duo Forma debuts on MEIOSIS with the four-part ‘Hollow’ EP. In this Buenos Aires Electronic Music Travel Guide by Forma, they reveal their favourite spots in the Argentinian city for you.


The best Bookstore in Buenos Aires: La Musaraña Libros

My favorite bookstore in Buenos Aires, well not actually in Buenos Aires, it’s in Vicente Lopez, sort of like the suburbs of the Capital, and where I grew up. An extremely well-curated selection of titles. The guy who owns it really knows his trade, and the really beautiful thing about it, besides its actual aesthetic beauty of the place is that he kinda gets to know your taste and ends up recommending better books that you could choose on your own. 



Get the best Coffee in Town at Cafe Latente

Well, we’ve become extremely demanding regarding coffee, so in our honest opinion, this one is the best, in the middle of Palermo (which is where the mainstream of Argentine culture tends to flow) a very small place, no place to sit but on the sidewalk. Just very very well-made coffee, nothing else.



Buenos Aires’ best Pizza at La Mezzetta 

Always full, nothing fancy, Argentine-style pizza at its best. Really cheap and fast, no bullshit cheesy fat delicious. Get the ‘Fugazzetta rellena’ and watch an old movie on an old TV hanging from the ceiling. The guy on the register is always very happy for some mysterious reason. 



Crobar Club – the best Techno Club in Buenos Aires

If you’re looking for a techno club, Crobar is the one to go to. Built below the train trails you feel you’re inside the heart of Buenos Aires, you can feel the train passing over you and its Nexo speaker system sounds on point! 



Arts, great Food and Beer at Avant Garten

If you’re looking for a place with great beer, drinks, and cocktails this is a good choice. The food is really good too and there is live music every night. Don’t be fooled by its size, the best artists of Buenos Aires perform here. The atmosphere is great, distended and a good place to meet people. Thursday is the day to go.



Buenos Aires best venue to watch live music: Niceto Club

Niceto is maybe the most iconic venue for watching live music. I love it. Is not too big so the artist-audience interaction is amazing. This is where the underground scene from Buenos Aires takes place while big international bands such as Tame Impala or Anderson Paak performed too. 


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