Berlin Travel Guides

Electronic Music Travel Guides for Germany’s capital. Berlin with its cultural mix and the flair of freedom attracts hedonists from all over the world. A big playground for the most different forms of life and moods and thus breeding ground for art. Check out Berlin’s best techno clubs, the top ten restaurants and get exclusive travel tips by Berlin’s DJs.

Berlin T[rave]l Guide

Find out about the hidden gems of andhim, Britta Arnold, DJ T., Jan Blomqvist, madmotormiquel, Martha van Straaten, Oliver Koletzki, Pauli Pocket and Ruede Hagelstein. Each of them are iconic artists of the electronic music capital and presents her or his very own picture of Berlin.

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Electronic Music Guides Berlin Podcasts and Articles

Check out our podcast interviews with Berlin’s DJs, such as Oliver Koletzki, Madmotormiquel or Britta Arnold. Read the latest news and events of Berlins’s techno clubs like Berghain, Panoramabar, Tresor, Kater Blau, Sisyphos, Watergate or Ritter Butzke.

Interview w/ rampue

The king of emotional and melodic live-sets.

Interview w/ Peggy Gou

Power lady, versatile musician and world traveller.

Interview w/

The Berlin techno dream team.

Interview w/
Sarah Farina

Politics in the music business.

Interview w/
Oliver Koletzki

The countries he gains inspiration for his productions.

Interview w/ Mimi Love

An interview about love, passion and spirituality in the world of techno & travel.

Interview w/
Jan Blomqvist

Being an artist in the online and in the offline world.

Interview w/ Cinthie

Power woman: label and record store owner, DJ, producer & mother.

Interview w/ Britta Arnold

A born and bred Berliner.

Interview w/ madmotormiquel

About his job as festival booker for the Bachstelzen crew.

Interview w/
Martha van Straaten

About festival travels.

Interview w/ DJ T.

About living his spiritual side.

Interview w/ Ruede Hagelstein & Amin Fallaha

Berlin underground, Restrealität & Duat Records

Berlin’s best food spots 

According to Kevin Knapp & Hutchtastic.

Interview w/

About health in the music business.

Interview w/ Hans Cousto

Mathematician, musicologist & author of the ‚Cosmic Octave’.

Interview w/ Chris Schwarzwälder

About his collaborations with Mira and Feathered Sun.

Interview w/ Patci (Wilde Booking)

About the booking agency business.

Interview w/
Jacob Groening

Music as intercultural language.

Warnemünde: A time-out of Berlin's nightlife.

A quiet hideaway at the Baltic Sea only 3 hours from Berlin.

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