about tunes&wings

T[rave]l Guides for Electronic Music Lovers

tunes&wings is an online magazine that looks into the heart of the electronic music scene by traveling the world, meeting inspiring protagonists and following them into their world. On that way tunes&wings combines music scene insights with exclusive travel guides– always with the passionate goal to connect techno lovers world wide and creating them a homebase full of inspiration, unity and vibrant experiences.



Hidden locations, vibrant emotions, overwhelming sounds and passionate personalities – the electronic music scene is a melting pot of inspiring persons and eclectic places. As an answer to this indescribable power of music, tunes&wings gives t[rave]l lovers the opportunity to dive deeper into the scene and connect with like-minded people from all over the world. tunes&wings discovers not only hidden spots and vibrant clubs in the most interesting cities in the world, but also finds authentic bars, local restaurants and extraordinary hotels.



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