music lovers and nomads.

In February 2016 the two gypsies Sabine and Tobi met in Cape Town where both were on a special mission. After travelling and exploring South Africas local festival and restaurant scene, they soon realized they have a similar view on music & travel.

Sabine, a passionate electronic music lover and Tobi, passionate about food and travel, combined their matching view and tunes&wings was born.

Their vision is to showcase hidden underground spots of the electronic music scene around the world and to combine it with hip travel guides.


We take a look behind the touristic scenes. We‘re aiming to portait the young, flourishing scene of a country or city. Capturing the local clubs, festivals and artists is how we combine music & travel. Getting to know local people and visiting local bars, restaurants, shops, galleries and to interview interesting artists and musicians, that‘s what we are passionate about. All that is on our agenda when we travel the world. With our authentic approach, we will give targeted insights which are not mentioned in a commerical guidebook.