Interview w/ Switchdance – his Lisbon Electronic Music Travel Guide

The Lisbon born and raised Switchdance a.k.a. Marco Antão is one of Portugal’s most eclectic DJs and producers. His adventurous and hypnotic sets guide us through the nights at Lux Frágil club Lisbon and his tracks like ‘O Amolador’ are coined with ethnic influences from all over the world. With roots in Lisbon and Goa, he coincidently started his new project “SwitchSamosas” during the pandemic. In this podcast interview, he presents us his very personal Electronic Music Travel Guide through Lisbon: the best restaurants in Lisbon and it’s food scene, Lisbon’s techno clubs, as well as the must-see places in and around Lisbon.

This interview is available as a podcast on SoundcloudSpotify, and Apple Podcasts.

In this interview we are talking about:

  • If he ever thought about moving from Lisbon to a different city.
  • The time he first got in touch with electronic music and club culture in Lisbon.
  • How it’s been for a young musician like him to grow up in Lisbon. 
  • His first gig at Lux Frágil Lisbon and the magic of this club.
  • The local scene in Lisbon 2009 vs. 2019 and what has changed.
  • His all-time favorite restaurants in Lisbon and the ones he discovered just recently.
  • Apart from food: His Lisbon sightseeing top 10 travel tips in & around Lisbon.
  • His roots are in Lisbon & Goa. The second also influenced his Corona Baby „SwitchSamosas“. He tells us about the new project and what inspired him to bring it to life.
  • What else is cooking in his kitchen and studio at the moment.
  • The first thing he’ll do after the pandemic is over.

If you’re interested in Lisbon and the local electronic music scene, check out our interview with Rui Vargas, musical director and resident at Lux Frágil.

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Cover picture by Thyra Dragseth

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