Interview w/ HÆLOS about the Colours and Textures in their Productions

HÆLOS is a British Electronica and Electro-Pop Band consisting of the members Arthur, Lotti, Dom & Daniel. Their albums “Full Circle” (2016) and “Any Random Kindness” (2019) as well as their latest singles “Perfectly broken“, „Hold on“ and “I’m there” are highly emotional. HÆLOS’ music is coined through spheric melodies, synths, and dreamy vocals and thus the perfect soundtrack for moody autumn days. We spoke with Dom about their latest releases, East London, the new band member and much more.

This interview is available as a podcast on SoundcloudSpotify and Apple Podcasts.

In this interview we are talking about:

  • Their current everyday life
  • The HÆLOS Baby and its impact on the creative songwriting and production process
  • The origin story of their latest releases „Unknown melody“, „Perfectly broken“ and „Hold on“ as well as “I’m There”
  • The musical development over the past years and through different genres
  • For which movie their music would be the perfect soundtrack
  • Why they chose East London as their home and their favourite spots there
  • And much more

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