Interview w/ Bob Moses about the Duality of Desire

The Canadian duo Bob Moses released their third studio album ‘Desire’ on August 28th. The concept record is dedicated to clubs and so is the sound: Driving beats that immediately create a flashback to club nights. On six continuously mixed tracks, ‘Desire’ presents a love story for the digital age. About the positive and negative aspects of social developments in these technology-driven times. In this podcast interview, we’re talking about the creation process of the album, the concept of the duality of desire, their home country Canada and much more.


This interview is available as a podcast on SoundcloudSpotify and Apple Podcasts.

In this interview we are talking about:

  • The creation process of the album
  • How the idea of non-stop mixed tracks came into their mind
  • The collaboration with Zhu on “Desire”
  • Where they are right now and how they spend Corona-times
  • The idea for the interactive video for the single “Desire”
  • Whether they would choose “Pleasure“ or “Pain“
  • Their desires during the crisis, that they feel now more than ever
  • What are they missing most about not being able to perform live
  • How they manage the quarantine
  • Whether they feel like digitalization a curse or blessing or a bit of both
  • How they would advertise their hometown Vancouver
  • The places they visit when they are back home
  • Their favourite festivals and clubs in Canada

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Cover picture by LucasMK

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