Interview w/ Britta Arnold about her home town Berlin

Britta Arnold is “a born and bred Berliner who never had to learn how to be one“. As part of the Bar25 crew since right from the beginning, she’s got countless stories to tell about her hometown Berlin. Britta is spinning her records all over the world; her playgrounds include Burning Man, The Gardens of Babylon, and clubs in destinations such as Dubai or Jordan.

This interview is available as a podcast on SoundcloudSpotify and Apple Podcasts.

In this interview we are talking about:

  • The time she spent in Thailand during COVID-19
  • How that time had been for her
  • This unusual summer in her home town
  • Her love for the scene in Dubai and Jordan
  • The beginnings of Bar25 and the vibe back then
  • The crew around the Holzmarkt and the place itself
  • Her hometown Berlin and her favourite places
  • Upcoming projects like her video from Thailand, remixes and “Happy Camper” releases

Britta Arnold and her recommendations are part of the Berlin T[rave]l Guide. Find out where Britta loves to shop records and about her favourite coffee and dinner spots.

Website I Instagram I Facebook I SoundCloud

Pictures by Digital Thangka

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