Interview w/ Ben Turner about Shaping and Developing the Industry

Ben Turner has been shaping and developing the Electronic Music industry like no other. As a passionate music lover he built and co-founded important projects for the scene on a highly professional level. Some of them are the AFEM (Association for Electronic Music), Graphite Media with which he’s managing artists like Richie Hawtin and of course the IMS (International Music Summit) with ARETÉ, a program which supports the wellbeing and personal development of people of the industry.

This interview is available as podcast on SoundcloudSpotify and Apple Podcasts.

In this interview we are talking about:

  • How a day in Ben Turners everyday life looks like
  • Where he gains his energy from
  • Why he chose the Electronic Music Business as profession and his way into it
  • How he sees the development of professionalism in the industry in the last couple of years
  • This year’s focus topics at IMS
  • The move to Destino and what’s expecting you there
  • The importance of ARETÉ and why it’s now open for all IMS delegates
  • His outlook on how the landscape of this scene will look like in the future

International Music Summit I ARETÉ I Graphite Media I AFEM

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