Interview w/ Konstantin Jagoulis about Integral Sound Work

Konstantin Jagoulis is a gong master, electronic music producer, researcher and musician, living on Ibiza. He’s focusing on the scientific part of sound frequencies as well as living his artistic side as musician. An extraordinary combination that led us to a talk about the natural sounds of planet gongs: how they are touching the audience on a holistic level and why they are useful for deep meditations and spiritual experiences.

Tip: Tune in our interview with Hans Cousto first and find out about the cosmic octave and natural planet sounds.

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In this interview we are talking about:

  • His musical journey
  • The special combination of electronic music & the sounds of the cosmos
  • His slogan ‘Music is Energy in Harmony’
  • Planet Gongs & how to attune them to the sound of the planets
  • The Gong Meditations at Atzaro
  • His research on sound frequencies and some insights
  • The benefits of a gong ceremony for body, mind and soul
  • Gong Meditation and chakras
  • An outlook to 2020

Cover picture by David Jambrina

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