Interview w/ DJ Alfredo about the Beginnings of the Balearic Beat Movement

DJ Alfredo is recognised as the pioneer of the Balearic Beat Movement. Born in Argentina, he moved to Ibiza in 1976 and convinced the crowd with his mix of disco, soul and jazz – that’s when the Balearic Beat genre was born. Join us on a journey back in time and to the beginnings of clubbing on Ibiza.

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In this interview we are talking about:

  • His musical journey and his way to Ibiza and the scene.
  • A journey back in time to 1976.
  • The very beginning of Amnesia and how they built the first sound systems there.
  • How partying on Ibiza was in the 80ies.
  • His life as DJ dad.
  • How he managed to stay on top of the business that is so fast-moving.
  • The Heritage Project with his son Jaime Fiorito.
  • His favourite places on Ibiza.
  • Upcoming releases and productions.

Check out the interview with his son Jaime Fiorito about nowadays rituals and tribes on Ibiza here.

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