Interview w/ Jaime Fiorito about Rituals and Tribes on Ibiza

Jaime Fiorito is an artist and music curator born and based on Ibiza. He grew up in the clubs of the island when his dad DJ Alfredo, who is recognized as the pioneer of the Balearic Beat, used to coin the sound of the island. After traveling the world for a while, Jaime came back to Ibiza in 2008. Since then he’s emerging himself in the local music industry. Since three years, he’s working as music curator at La Granja, where he created one of the most influential private parties. A weekly gathering of global artists with a like-minded tribe of followers that are seeking for immersive and authentic experiences.

This article is available as podcast on SoundcloudSpotify and iTunes.

In this interview we are talking about:

  • His musical journey
  • His childhood in the clubs
  • The ‘Magic’ of the island Ibiza
  •  How would the local scene evolved
  • Music tourism
  • The must-see spots on Ibiza
  • The Farmers Ritual at La Granja
  • Rituals and special experience projects in electronic music
  • Ibiza in five years
  • His upcoming highlights

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