Interview w/ Jacob Groening about Music as Intercultural Language

The musician, sound engineer and DJ Jacob Groening infuses electronic music with sounds from all over the world. He’s bringing these sound to life at beautiful festivals and on Kamai Music, the label he co-founded in Berlin. This podcast interview is about a reflection of 2019 and and outlook to 2020.

This article is available as podcast on SoundcloudSpotify and iTunes.

In this interview we are talking about:

  • How his holiday season looks like
  • His Zero debut in NYC
  • His summer journey
  • If he has some time to reflect the year
  • What coined him and his music most in 2019
  • The development of Kamai Music, the label he co-founded
  • The vision for the label
  • How Berlin convinced him
  • His favourite spots in Berlin
  • What fascinates him about India, where he’ll spend the winter
  • His performance with Be Svendsen on the 22nd of May in Berlin
  • His release plans 2020

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