Interview w/ Be Svendsen about immersive Live-Sets

With his tribal, organic and nomadic style of electronic music, Be Svendsen is bringing festival live-sets to the next level. Every year he’s coming up with new concepts and set-ups. His sound perfectly fits nature-bound festivals like Envision, BOOM, Fusion and Burning Man. In December 2019 he set up something special for the Wonderfruit Festival in Thailand. An immersive 3D multichannel live set where die audience feels like in a cocoon of sound.

This interview is available as podcast on SoundcloudSpotify and iTunes.

In this interview we are talking about:

  • His immersive 3D live-set at the Wonderfruit Festival in Thailand
  • The challenges that he has setting the multichannel set up
  • His upcoming ‘Man On The Run’ tour and release
  • His favourite restaurants or cafés in Copenhagen
  • The festivals he’s playing at in the next months
  • Why nomadic and hippie lifestyle embracing festivals become more and more popular
  • If he enjoys body, mind and soul areas at festivals and if he attends the ceremonies there
  • A musical aim he had for 2019 that he can tick off his list now


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