Interview w/ Eva Kaczor about Psychedelic Breath

Eva Kaczor is a purpose coach, yoga and meditation teacher and founder of PSYCHEDELIC BREATH, a dynamic breathwork ritual that lets you access higher realms of awareness. Eva is giving sessions together with DJs like Acid Pauli at festivals such as Burning Man, Gardens of Babylon and The Monastery Festival. Find out more about her story, her work and her hometown Berlin within our podcast interview.

This article is available as podcast on SoundcloudSpotify and iTunes.

In this interview we are talking about:

  • How sounds deepen the practise and connection to the inner self
  • How she chooses the artists she collaborates with
  • Why dancing in the clubs was a huge part of her healing process after her burn out
  • What she recommends artists to connect with the crowd
  • PSYCHEDELIC BREATH at festivals like Burning Man
  • What she recommends artists that are suffering from mental health issues
  • How travelling expands one’s horizon
  • Her favourite spots in Berlin

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Cover Picture by Nicolas Hess

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