Interview w/ Martha van Straaten about Festival Travels

Martha van Straaten’s sets are a storytelling of various cultures around the globe. As a musical nomad she speaks the intercultural language of sounds and is connecting people worldwide. Hannah, how she’s called in real life, is playing at beautiful festivals all over the world, such as Fusion Festival, Strawberry Fields in Australia or Wonderfruit Festival in Thailand. We met her after her set at the Sensi Stage at Melt Festival 2019 and talked about festivals and travelling.

This article is available as podcast on SoundcloudSpotify and iTunes.

In this interview we are talking about:

  • Her set at the beautiful Sensi Stage at Melt
  • Why she connects with downtempo so well
  • Which culture she learned the most of, while travelling
  • Which way of travelling she likes most
  • Her favourite country and city
  • What’s on top of her bucket list
  • Her top three festivals around the globe
  • Her favourite spots at home in Berlin
  • The key-ingredients that make a festival a great happening
  • Her most magical festival experience
  • Her upcoming highlights in the next months


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