techno&travel Interview w/ Anna Tur about Ibiza

Anna Tur is a real Ibizeco. Born on the Spanish island, she’s not only a DJ and producer, but also the managing director and radio host at Ibiza Global Radio. She therefore has a great knowledge and understanding of the industry and music tourism on the island. During the International Music Summit on Ibiza we talked to her about her island, the industry and her music.

This article is available as podcast on  SoundcloudSpotify and iTunes.

In this interview we are talking about:

  • If it’s a blessing or curse that Ibiza is so connected to electronic music
  • Which impact IMS (International Music Summit) has on the local industry
  • What she thinks about music tourism on Ibiza
  • How the scene was when she started playing her first records
  • If she prefers living in the city or more in the quiet parts of the island
  • Her favourite clubs and events on the island
  • Her favourite spots on Ibiza
  • How she feels about women in the music industry
  • Her new projects in the upcoming next months


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