Interview w/ BLOND:ISH about Sustainability

2019 came with a lot of changes and new projects for BLOND:ISH. Vivi-Ann initiated and co-founded projects that are helping making our electronic music industry a greener place. One of the biggest changes is engaging clubs to remove straws and to motivate artists to get a plastic-free rider. Next to her musical career, she’s leading beach clean ups and many other initiatives. We talked with the role model for all travellers at this year’s International Music Summit on Ibiza.

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In this interview we are talking about:

  • The ‘Bye bye to plastic’ panel at the International Music Summit on Ibiza
  • The beach clean ups
  • How the music industry can evolve together for a greener future
  • How she embraces change
  • How to connect with your intuition
  • The ‘Bye bye to plastic’ project
  • The ‘Plastic-free rider’ project
  • Her favourite spots on Ibiza
  • What you can do to make this world a greener place
  • Her Abracadabra project and event series
by James Alexander Chapman

Want to know more about sustainability for clubs? Tune in our podcast interview with Village Underground.


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1 thought on “Interview w/ BLOND:ISH about Sustainability

  1. Love that the sustainability topic finally gets more recognition!

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